Sex and Social Engineering is a comprehensive exposé of the philosophical and scientific theories that have shaped the world’s family planning organizations. It traces the evil effects their programs have had on our society.

Valerie Riches’ account is not extremist nor fanatical in any way. Rather, it’s a factual summary of evidence compiled by a renowned English social worker and mother who cares a great deal about the survival of the family.

She explains how today’s sex education programs are really part of a master social engineering plan that aims for the merging or reversal of the sexes or sex roles, the “liberation” of children from their families, and the abolition of the family as we know it.

The 27-page booklet uncovers one of the main objectives of Planned Parenthood and the Family Planning Association, which is to replace parents with the parental state. Their goal is to have government decide what’s in the best interest of children.

Valerie Riches calls upon all people of good will to rise up with opposing policies and programs. Her booklet is an inspiration for all who care about preserving human life and who cherish true freedom.