On November 8, Toronto Star columnist Slinger launched the second of two vicious attacks against Citizens United for Responsible Education (CURE). This group of parents is trying to get the Toronto Board of Education to reverse its new policy allowing homosexuals to proselytize in the schools, with the aid of a manual heavily slanted in favour of homosexuality and against normal family life. (See above)

“Can we find a cure for intolerance against” Slinger asks. He interprets the entirely sensible and praiseworthy protest of these parents against the indoctrination of their children as bigotry, intolerance, the product of ignorance, “a local eruption of a volcano that is spewing hate across North America” – and of course as a Canadian version of American right-wing fanaticism.

Let us note the following

•    The protest, has nothing to do with “gay bashing” or with depriving homosexuals of the rights they have as individuals in a civil society. It is a legitimate response to the attempts of gay activists to promote their lifestyle. As things now stand, any of eighty pro-homosexual groups listed in the manual can gain access to Toronto schools to promote their interests – and one of these groups actually promotes sadomasochism!

•    While declaring that CURE spreads ignorance, Slinger accepts without qualification homosexual scientist Simon LeVay’s conclusion that there is a natural difference in the brain structure of homosexuals, even though LeVay’s methodology and his findings have been challenged by other researchers in the field. Accepting the contention that homosexuals are made that way, Slinger write sarcastically, “So far nobody has found a cure for genetics.”

•    There are many examples of people who have engaged in homosexual behaviour at some time in their lives but have not continued it; at some well known English “public” school (private schools in reality,) homosexuality is rampant. This indicates very strongly that it is a learned behaviour, in fact, a cult. The boys at these schools could not change their skin colour, but they could change their behaviour.

•    Slinger does not answer the obvious question: why is the Toronto Board of Education promoting homosexuality, when homosexuality is chiefly responsible for the spread of AIDS? What has happened to the heads of the school trustees, to make them give encouragement to an insidious movement which threatens the health of the students for whom they are responsible? CURE demands and deserves forthright answers.