The Christian Heritage Party has sorted out its leadership problems and will head into the next election with Heather Stilwell in charge.

The B.C. Supreme Court has dismissed an application by former leader Charles Cavilla to have a convention in June in Southern Ontario.  The court also decided May 18 to set aside an injunction by Cavilla preventing the CHP from saying Stilwell was the new interim leader of the party.

Stilwell now officially leads the party until the national convention in Vancouver next March.

The board had suspended Cavilla and appointed Stilwell Interim Leader during a national meeting in March.  At the time party president John Adams said the reason was a “challenge to our constitution and how the party was to be run.”  Cavilla challenged the move in court and lost.

“I welcome this ruling by the court,” said Adams.  He added it “clears the way for our leader, Mrs. Heather Stilwell, to lead us through the next election.”

Astounding arrogance

Tory leadership hopeful Kim Campbell recently caused a kerfuffle when she expressed her fury at the apathy of the “condescending SOBs” who have “never been involved with a political party.”

“To hell with them,” she said.

Her remarks must justifiably have hit a raw nerve with countless pro-lifers who are not
condescending SOBs.”  They have enthusiastically embraced the political process exactly as Ms. Campbell would seem to recommend.  But after becoming involved with a political party, they are nevertheless met with the same reaction – “To hell with them.”

This reaction is, of course, most obvious in the treatment of the multitude of Liberal pro-lifers who recently joined their riding associations only to find themselves cut out of the nomination process.  Democracy, it seems, grinds to a halt if too many pro-lifers become involved.  Woe betide a Liberal pro-lifer, even a female pro-lifer, who foolishly tried to seek nomination for candidacy in the upcoming election.  “To hell with them,” said the Liberal Party, and promptly appointed A.B.P. (anything but pro-life) candidates in their place.

Pro-lifers have also been denied candidacy in the Reform Party unless they sign a statement agreeing to vote according to referendum on the abortion issue, and not their own conscience.  “To hell with them,” said the Reform Party.

Need we say anything about the NDP?  Their unwavering pro-abortion party policy has been indicative of their “To hell with them” attitude for many years.

And what of the party that Ms, Campbell desires so desperately to lead?  Tory pro-lifers remember well the time that, rather than see a pro-life resolution come to the floor of the policy convention, organizers literally pulled the plug on the microphones and ended the convention.  “To hell with them,” said the Tories.

We suspect that what Ms. Campbell really meant was that those with current politically correct agendas should become involved in political parties.  Could this “avowed pro-choicer” actually stomach leading a political party whose democratically chosen policy on abortion was pro-life?  Given that she left the B.C. Socred party because in her opinion then leader, Bill Vanderzalm, was too pro-life, we suspect not.

Despite all this, pro-lifers will continue to become more and more involved in politics, because we are not among those apathetic “SOBs.”  We realize that in order to change the political landscape to one which affirms life in all its stages, we must be an integral, articulate part of the political process.

In fact, Ms. Campbell’s arrogant remark may have inadvertently helped the pro-life movement by revealing the shallow rhetoric of today’s political opportunists.  Hell hath no fury like a population scorned.

Rose & Thorn


John Munro (Former Cabinet Minister). For being the only Canadian political figure to condemn Liberal party leader Jean Chrétien’s policy of appointing a candidate in ridings where a Liberal for Life might have a chance of winning.  Munro sought nomination for the Lincoln riding but was also passed in favour of a Chrétien appointee.


B.C. New Democrat Party. For announcing the formation of an “Abortion Access Task Force” which will work on ways to promote abortion in that province.  The task force is made up of the most prominent abortion activists.  Their findings will surprise no pro-lifer and British Columbians can only sit and wait apprehensively hoping that their government doesn’t follow the same path as their Ontarian counterparts and ban picketing.