Let’s take one last look at why the widely touted “yes” camp lost so badly in the recent referendum. I voted “no” and I have found few pro-lifers who voted “yes”. (Joe Borowski of Winnipeg was the big exception. Sorry, Joe). Actually, I had three hundred and seventy-eight reasons for voting “no” – but I’m sure that you don’t want to hear all of them.

For me, it boiled down to the credibility of the principal spokes-people for the “yes” side. They didn’t have any.

Any time Brian Mulroney, pro-life/pro-abortion Jean Chretien and radical feminist Audrey McLaughlin, get in the same political bed, I just know that the citizens of Canada are not going to be happy with the results.

Would I even buy a used car from Brian Mulroney? I wouldn’t even buy a new car from Brian Mulroney! In selling this accord, Brian was trying to sell me a Tucker(or was it an Edsel) and I just wasn’t buying – nor were the majority of Canadians. Charlottetown was just another stab at resurrecting Meech.

They made up the referendum question before they published the text. Unbelievable! It wasn’t binding on any party so the whole thing was quite pointless. It had nothing to do with Quebec staying in Canada even if Jacques Parizeau seemed to think so.

The rules for aboriginal self-rule were vague and contradictory. Unsatisfactory tribal chiefs would have to be assassinated to get rid of them. There was no other machinery available. (The native people voted against it). Instead of one set of laws governing Canada there would have been a whole slew of laws, all different.

Who favours giving those grossly overpaid senators a golden handshake just to get rid of them and replace them with province-determined groups picked according to sex, political funding generosity, race or  physical impairments?

Who wants to see more members of parliament when we are already the most over-governed country in the world?

These were only a few of the arguments that poured through my mind – anxious as I was to get to the polling booth before someone else voted for me. Why would I want the “yes” vote to won in the referendum and make Mulroney a Hero of Canada for the  key role he played?

With a “:yes” win under his belt, Mulroney might have called an early election appealing to the Canadian people for a “stronger mandate” in the “shaping of Canada.” And this was the man who allowed for no protection for the unborn in this catch-all referendum.

Mulroney’s history

Why would I buy anything from Mulroney when he such a history of ling to the Canadian people? Who said that free trade would be good for the Canadian economy? Thousands of jobs have fled to South Carolinaand the Mexican/U.S. border worker-town camps.

Why would I go for a man I suspect has made an under-the-counter deal with the U.S. to keep our dollar at the ridiculous high rate in relation to the American dollar, thus hurting our export trade?

Why would anyone but this one-legged turkey referendum from a man determined to destroy our social welfare programs? A man described as – when he tried to fiscally hammer our senior citizens – as “ly’n Brian?” Remember it was Mulroney who called our social programs “sacred.” (He backflipped on the senior citizens caper).

Family allowances recently killed, allegedly to be replaced by a silly tax rebate, will help neither the impoverished nor the middle class – who used to cash a lot of Family Allowance cheques for kiddies’ clothes at K-mart and Woolco.

Who was the man who angrily denied before the previous election campaign that he was contemplating implementing the GST and shortly afterwards brought in this infamous, punitive fax that ever since has dragged the Canadian economy further down? Brian Mulroney.

Who has appointed (without any consultation with pro-life people_ nine pro-abortionists to the Supreme Court? (Who can forget some of these judges running back from their holidays in August – panic stricken – to condone the killing of Chantal Daigle’s unborn baby?) Who picked them? Brian Mulroney.

Brian is like the Irish politicians in Eire. They rarely address the financial problems of Ireland, but when an election comes they drag up the old green herring: “We’ll not rest ‘til all of Ireland is united!” And that’s enough to get the people of Eire to the polling booths mistakenly thinking that they are voting for Irish re-unification. Sound familiar? It should be. It’s what Mulroney does.

When I hear politicians talking about an “aging Canada” (watch out for euthanasia) – it’s the truth. When you kill off – with enthusiastic government approval at all levels –a million and a half pre-born Canadian babies in the past twenty years – you are naturally going to destroy statistically the balance between the young and the old.

Quit, Mulroney, and take your whole crew with you. You’ve put so many holes in the boat – I’m surprised that it hasn’t sunk.