Toronto – According to one of the world’s top geneticists, the mass-marketing of the abortion pill in North America has the potential of killing more human beings than the combined efforts of Hitler, Stalin, Mao and Pol Pot.

Speaking at a well-attended, April 13 press conference in Toronto’s downtown Holiday Inn, French-born geneticist Jerome Lejeune warned reporters of a “chemical warfare” which North America will face if the RU-486 abortion pill is legalized

Lejeune did not simply concentrate on the number of babies who will die from this pill but placed a great deal of focus on the harmful side-effects which women who use this pill will face.

According to his studies, the danger of this “anti-human pesticide” is much greater than advertised, noted that he noted that one woman has already died from use of RU-486 and there have been four near deaths.  He further found that 5 per cent of women who use the pill must still undergo a surgical abortion because of heavy bleeding or non-expulsion of the fetus.

In addition, the doctor stated that after a woman takes the first dosage, she must wait three days before ingesting prostaglandins.  These three days are marked with heavy depression and are extremely “oppressive and difficult” for the woman to bear.

Lejeune also pointed to the social consequences which lie behind the abortion pill’s increased availability.  Primarily, he mentioned that the proliferation o f RU-486 would lead to its increased abuse.  He felt that the unsupervised use of this “very dangerous drug” would be catastrophic to women’s health.  This problem might become evident in the third-world where the pill will inevitably be mass-produced and poorly administered.

Before fielding questions, Lejeune offered a question of his own to th ereporters: “Why do governments which have signed treaties forbidding chemical warfare against soldiers and civilians in wartime, allow it against women and children in peacetime?”

Later the same day, Lejeune spoke to a large gathering on the miracle of life.