Toronto.  A Toronto high-schooler still suffers emotionally following the abuse she received for speaking out against homosexuality.  (For an eyewitness account of this incident, see “School board promotes ‘gay’ lifestyle,” by Sue Careless on this page)

Diane Mallot says her teen-aged daughter enrolled in the West End Alternative school to take an accelerated diploma course. One of the electives was called “Challenging Homophobia”, a workshop conducted by two church ministers.  But when the girl challenged what was being taught, pandemonium broke out.  “She was harassed and insulted and physically threatened by a homosexual clergyman who lost [his cool],” says Mrs. Mallot, “because she dared to take issue with his ‘he-can’t-help-himself’ [position].”

West End principal David Gracey says Mrs. Mallot’s daughter thought she had to attend the workshop or fail.  “In the future we will make it very clear that attendance at these kinds of functions is not compulsory,” says Mr. Gracey.  Yet the principal believes “Challenging Homophobia” should be taught in order to instill tolerance for other people’s beliefs.

Other courses which Mrs. Mallot says the Toronto Board of Education offers are “First Nations Lesbian and Gay Experience,” “East Asian Lesbian and Gay Experience,” “Caribbean Lesbian and Gay Experience,” “Lesbian and ay Youth” and “Lesbian and Gay Sports.’

The Toronto mother has launched a virtual one-woman campaign against the Board of Education and local trustees who approved the curriculum.