A few months ago Ontario’s schools took on full implication of the Ministry of Education’s Common Curriculum. A document packed with politically correct values to be imposed on children such as “no discrimination based on sexual orientation.” As if it wasn’t bad enough to inflict big-brother-type indoctrination in Ontario, the UN is now proposing “a global strategy to improve schooling systems.”

The 45th session of the International Conference on Education (ICE) adopted a declaration which encourages all the world’s teachers, political and religious authorities, business leaders, the family, media, scholars, artists and scientists “to commit themselves to the development of a school envisaged as an active centre for learning and moral, spiritual, civic and vocational education to be continually adapted to a changing world.”

Note that the UN thus intends to be teaching moral and even spiritual values in school. And further, that these teachings are to be adapted to a changing world. Weren’t these values to be absolute and unchanging, thus a reflection of the One, True and unchanging God?

UN’s choice?

Pro-family supporters wonder where the UN will go for moral and spirituality. A prime candidate for such a role would be former UN Assistant Secretary General Robert Muller who currently serves as chancellor of the UN’s University for Peace in Costa Rica. He is considered worthy of the post after winning the U.N. Peace Prize for Education in 1989.

Conveniently, Dr. Muller has a program for international schooling all ready to implement. Over 16 years ago Muller developed the World Core Curriculum (WCC), which according to him is “a curriculum of our universal knowledge which should be taught in all schools for Earth.” For many years, Muller has been promoting his WCC with noted success. The WCC has been translated into several languages and individuals are using the curriculum in a number of countries, including Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom.

Some critics have questioned Muller’s suitability as author of a global curriculum and advisor on morals and spirituality? Muller’s World Core Curriculum is replete with One World Government Propaganda and politically correct ideology, and his unique brand of morals and spirituality.

Although reportedly “Catholic” he appears to be a New Ager and a frequent speaker at Bishop William Swing’s United Religions Conferences (pushing a world religion).

Muller is prominently identified with the Lucis Trust, a New Age organization that evolved from the Lucia Publishing company, which itself had previously been the Lucifer Publishing Company, which incidentally carries the WCC and Muller’s other publications.