“Political Correctness 101” becoming required course on Canadian campuses

When The Interim reported last month that 75% of Canadians would support legislation requiring informed consent for abortion, it reported that this support legislation requiring informed consent for abortion, it reported that this support was lowest among the university educated. Some might infer that the brightest minds see something in the proposal that the common fold can’t quite grasp, but more likely the exact opposite may be true.

Political correctness is a disease of the intellect which is infecting university campuses across North America. Dinesh d’Souza documents this phenomenon is his very interesting book, Illiberal Education.

Contempt for opinions which are not “p. c,” and systematic efforts by those in power to suppress their very expression or discussion on campus, are characteristic of this malady. A very strong tilt to the left is also symptomatic. Students at afflicted campuses quickly find all aspects of university life are affected: student associations, curriculum content, students’ and professors’ writing and research.

The 1992/93 Concordia University Student Association [CUSA] Handbook is a recent example of the rigidity of politically correct thought. Rather than simply informing students of the resources on and off campus which on and off campus which are available to them, the CUSA Handbook is 240 pages of consciousness raising.

And, for Concordia students, political indoctrination doesn’t come cheap. Every student in Fine Arts and Arts & Science programmes is required to pay $1.60 per credit to CUSA. A full-time student typically takes 30 credits per year. But, there is very little

In the CUSA Handbook which concerns students who are not homosexual, feminist, Marxist, non-white, drug using or likely to be in trouble with the police.

Predictably, a dominant theme is AIDS and safe sex. The wonders of the latex condom [and others too revolting to discuss here] are promoted in several essays. One has to question the intellectual honesty of a publication  which alleges the promotion of the condom is for health reasons and then quotes former porn star Annie Sprinkle’s quidelines for sex in the 90’s “abstinence can cause incredible anxiety, frustration, depression, disease, violence and a host of other destructive forces. If you like sex, then don’t give it up. It’s too precious a gift.”

Similarly irresponsible advice is provided on drug use. Among several articles on feminist concerns are two essays on abortion. “You Have a Choice,” “Keep Your Bombs Off Our Bodies” not only drone the usual “choice” rhetoric, but both articles carry a warning:

Birthright: a word of warning about these people. They place classified ads in a lot of newspapers offering free pregnancy tests and ‘counseling’ to women who think they are pregnant. They’re frantically anti-abortion, so any ‘counseling’ you’re likely to get won’t discuss any options that don’t involve having a baby.

This warning is very revealing. The CUSA-funded Concordia Pro Choice Collective, like other so-called “choice’ advocates, has not patience for those who might wish to choose something other than abortion. Nowhere in the Handbook is there any referral to pregnant women who might be looking for financial assistance, housing or emotional or psychological support.

The warning against Birthright betrays a paternalistic elitism among the CUSA executive which feels it must protect open minds from being exposed to politically incorrect ideologies. This is reflected in another section of the Handbook entitled “Extremely ignorant.”

Here the protectors of all that’s left list the “extreme-right” groups in Montreal and beyond. Listed among the Ku Klux Klan and Aryan Nation is Rev. Ken Campbells’ Renaissance Canada, described as “extreme right, religious, anti-choice.

Most groups on this list are branded “neo-nazi” which would scare anybody off. The Northern Foundation, for example, is well to the right of center, but neo-nazis is an unwarranted and unproven appellation.

In a similar vein, an article entitled “Conscious Consumption” encourages students to boycott Domino’s Pizza [“President Tom Monaghan supports anti-choice groups…] and Malboro Cigarettes [Manufacturer Phillip Morris Inc. supports U.S. Se

Sennator Jesse Heins….and his homophobic attitude.”].

Concordia is not alone in allowing this tyranny of political correctness. Student across the continent are learning that their values and ideas and opinions are not welcome on campus. The suppression of ideas which might offer a counter balance to the extreme left ideology could have a very damaging effect on young people, who are preparing to enter the adult world. Far from opening young minds, the university has become a place to have them hermetically sealed.