On April 21, 1993, Therese Weiler, the grandmother walking across Canada, resumed her “Venture for Life.”

Therese began her mission in Newfoundland in April 1992, and reached the Ontario-Manitoba border in late October.  She suspended her walk for the winter months but is now on the road again.  She plans to throw the pebble she picked up in Newfoundland into the Pacific Ocean at Victoria B.C., on August 7.

This courageous lady has not only been walking, but she has spoken in churches, schools, nursing homes and even bingo halls.  She has been interviewed many times along the highways.

Venture for Life is Weiler’s mission to speak for those who cannot speak for themselves – the handicapped, the elderly and the unborn.  She never hesitates to champion the cause of those people and their right to life and happiness.

Since she began her walk, Weiler has encountered several hopeful signs.  She met some Australians who had read about her walk in Australia.  In Brandon Manitoba, she came across German soldiers who were training in the vicinity.  The soldiers took up a collection among themselves and presented Weiler with $400.  Local newspaper, radio and television stations were on hand to photograph the event.

Therese has given and will continue to give much encouragement to pro-life organizations wherever she speaks across Canada.  Her faith-filled talks command attention from people of all ages.

It is to be hoped that many of our pro-life friends, particularly those in British Columbia, will be on hand to welcome her in Victoria, and help her throw that pebble into the Pacific Ocean.