In mid-February REAL Women demanded an immediate review of the Mulroney government’s Women’s Program by an “objective and unbiased Parliamentary Committee.”

Renewed funding for radical feminists women’s centres this year to the tune of 1.2 million dollars provoked REAL Women’s call for a parliamentary investigation, National Vice President Gwen Landolt explained.

In February 1990, as part of the effort to slow Canada’s soaring debt, the federal government initiated a modest rollback in the funding of women’s centres, programs and publications.  But following the outcry of the powerful feminist lobby, the Secretary of State restored funding to the women’s canters.

Citing documented evidence that these centres deliberately excluded women who do not share in their ideology, Mrs. Landolt chided the government for fiscal irresponsibility.

“By restoring the funding…the Secretary of State is acting in direct conflict with its mandate which is to promote the equality of all Canadian women,” she said and called for an end to the discriminatory practices of the Women’s Program.