Today’s youth are exposed to so many issues. They get involved in things which sometimes lead to unbearable and uncontrollable problems.  Constantly required to make decisions, their choices are not often the best.

How do we help teens with the problems they face? If we ignore them, we make the problem worse.

One of the biggest issues that teens face is pregnancy. Frequently society sees teen mother as burdens, and failures at school. When teens are faced with pregnancy, they automatically ask themselves: “What will everyone think of me? Should I have this baby or not? Should I (or we) keep this baby or not?”

It’s time to inform youth that there are support groups available, with caring, loving, and compassionate people ready to listen and help.   Many times, society only reveals to teens the negative aspects of pregnancy, or the suposed relief that an abortion provides. Our young people are getting the wrong information and messages from media, and so-called leaders of our society. We need to provide the, them with the proper information about pregnancy and abortion. They need to know that help and information are available.

If our young are properly educated they can make the right choices, based on knowledge rather than ignorance.

Although help is available, teens are frequently intimidated by adults on such sensitive issues. That’s why there are young people out there that want to help other young teens think about and make informed decisions on such vital issues as, pregnancy and abortion.

On Saturday May 13, 1995 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. at St. Michael’s Collage School (1515 Bathurst St.) there will be a significant event that no youth will want to miss.

If you are a highschool student, the Youth For Life Conference is for you!

Here you will be among students from various schools around the city of Toronto.  You will make new friends as you learn and share ideas.  Here’s what you can expect:

-guest speakers

-pro-life workshops run by youth with teaching staff present for guidance supervision.

-presenters and facilitators including university, OAC, and senior students

-opportunity to share ideas with other students and make new friends (co-ed)

-free literature for your school (one packet per registered school)

-draw for prizes

-sponsors include: Abbey Alive, St. Michael’s Collage School Students for Life, and Ontario Students for Life

-and lots more…and it’s free!!!

This first Youth for Life Conference will be an experience you will not forget.  Your enthusiastic participation and input will be very welcome.

Remember, youth helping youth can help solve the problems of today.  At this Conference you can learn how to help a friend.

So join us all day on Saturday, May 13, at St. Michael’s College School (lunch will be provided). Contact your Student Council regarding registration. If you require additional information, or have any questions please contact either Mrs. June Scandiffio, teacher at St. Michael’s College School at (416) 398-8860 (home) or (416) 653-3180 (school) or Kathy Sygnarska, student at Regina Pacis C.H.S. at (416) 745-9752.

We’re looking forward to meeting you all!!!