After reading the headline in the Toronto Globe and Mail “Abortion law scrapped – women get free choice” in late January at Washington, D.C.’s Union Station, I decided to end my two-year self-imposed exile in America.

I took the train a few days later to Montreal.  While there, I planned to be deliberately arrested at Morgentaler’s abortion bungalow in East Montreal, but I arrived to late – he stops murdering French babies at 3 in the afternoon.

So, on February 7, I took the bus to Toronto.  After 36 hours of fear and trembling, Sonny took the plunge on the morning of February 9 at Morgantaler’s Baby death Camp at Harbord Street.

Ironically, Holy Ghost Father Ted Colleton beat me to the punch, though none were thrown.  He and I were arrested within minutes of each other.

The policeman, Michael by name, politely drove me to the police station where I received a stern lecture which I dutifully ignored.

Wednesday, February 10th: Sonny couldn’t resist.  I went again to Morgentaler’s Mill, trying to “rescue those being dragged to the slaughter.” (Proverbs) Again, I was arrested, this time by a policeman who admitted he is a lapsed Catholic.  He told me he used to go to Father Ted’s school.  I was released with a trespassing ticked, which I refused to pay.

Of course, I returned in the afternoon to Morgentaler’s Mill. This time, the policeman was a Lutheran.  He assured me, “We’re with you all the way on this.” I asked him, “then what am I doing in your squad car, under arrest?”  Soon after, two other policemen arrived to take me down to the police station.  They ridiculed me somewhat on the trip down to the station.  Things looked glum.  However, Sonny patiently prayed the Rosary for several hours in a windowless, airless custody room.  Several hours later, I was released with a promise that the police would give me a longer stay the next time.

Monday, 22 February:  Sonny is arrested for the fifth time at Morgentaler’s Death Mill.  I console myself with the fact that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was arrested 27 times in his lifetime and that Mahatma Ghandi spent a total of 6 and a half years of his life in jail.  Stay tuned!