Putting the brakes to sex-ed

Trustees on the Academic Affaires Committee of the Metro (Toronto) Separate School Board (MSSB) voted July 4 to delay implementation of the grades 3 and 4 section of the “Fully Alive” sex-ed program, despite the call from Trustee Fr. Tom Day to push it through sight unseen.

Careful killing

The Law Reform Commission’s report Crimes Against the Foetus “cannot be considered seriously as a base for a future law on abortion” concludes the Toronto and area Right to Life Association in a legal study released in mid-August. Why? Dismembering or poisoning a preborn baby (fetus) would be no crime at all so long as the executioners were the mother and her abortionist and the killing was done carefully!

Tom Terrific

In an exclusive interview with The Interim, first declared candidate for the Liberal Party leadership nomination, Scarborough (Ontario) West MP Tom Wappel said: “I’m hoping that I can provide the necessary focal point for a specific period of time – that is until June 24, 1990 – when the pro-life movement can undertake a specific task: Ensure that there are enough pro-life delegates that they will decide who the next leader of the Liberal party will be.”

A star for the preborn

At the combined Alliance for Life/Campaign Life Convention in Chilliwack, B.C., July 6-8, Steven Jones outlined Youth for Life’s plans to produce a commercial for distribution free of charge to individual pro-life   groups across the country. The president of the West Coast-based organization revealed that well-known actor Martin Sheen had enthusiastically agreed to star in the ad. “Sheen does a lot of work for the underprivileged,” Jones told The Interim. “And he told me that there was none more underprivileged that the preborn.”

“Truth-phobia” in B.C.

In mid-August, B.C. Forests Minister David Parker inadvertently crossed over into a land of shadows without substance, of things without ideas, a land known as the Homosexual Zone. When Parker offered the common sense observation that AIDS “is a self-inflicted wound,” he had his ticket to the Homosexual Zone. When he arrived, he found that he and the whole Vander Zalm government were responsible for the spread of AIDS and not the homosexuals who swallow each other’s semen and urine.


A Calvary in Connecticut

Father Norman Weslin had his face beaten beyond recognition, retired RC Archbishop George Lynch, 73, was carried by his handcuffed wrists, and crippled M.D. Joseph R. Stanton was pushed down a flight of stairs when West Hartford, Conn. police – minus their identifying nameplates or badges – brutally assaulted 261 rescuers June 17 at that city’s Summit Women’s Center. As preborn babies suffer degradation, violence and tyranny so do their rescuers.

They suffer dishonor, but that is their glory

When police came to make arrests for criminal trespassing at a Youngstown, Ohio abortuary July 15, they found among the 45 rescuers the president of the University of Steubenville, Fr. Michael Scanlan and his bishop, Albert Ottenweller. The bishop had taken his place in front of the abortuary doors and later in jail “to show how deeply I feel about abortion and the dignity of human life.”

“I have a dream”

“I want to help our women resist the pressures to abort their children. It is always the poor and victimized who are taken advantage of,” said Carl Fisher, one of 400 rescuers at an L.A. abortuary in July and one of the newest black bishops in the U.S. The first rescuer to arrive outside the abortuary, Bishop Fisher, 42, blessed and thanked each participant for standing up to the destruction of human life.

No coat hanger here

In January 1978, Shelby Moran of Chicago, then 39, walked into the Illinois Masonic Medical Center to see its gynecologist, Dr. John J. Barton, who gave her a drug manufactured by the Upjohn Co. to induce an abortion. But something went terribly wrong. More than ten years later, these three parties have been ordered by Cook County jury to award $9.5 million to Moran, now catastrophically brain-damaged.

“I’d make a jail for the women”

Planned Parenthood’s research arm, the Alan Guttmacher Institute (AGI) surveyed clients of 38 U.S. abortuaries from November 1987 through March 1988. AGO staff found that fully “three-quarters said that having a baby would interfere with work, school or other responsibilities.”

Cannibals not welcome in North Dakota

By a vote of 124 in favour and 25 against, North Dakota became the first state to ban the use of tissue from aborted babies in research, experiment or transplant.

“Condom-mania” at an end?

They leak, break, slip off and spill over 17 per cent of the time, says a recent study published in the New England Journal of Medicine; for unmarried Hispanic women, condoms fail an exceptionally high 45 per cent of the time.  How many promiscuous men and women have contracted AIDS or other sexually transmitted diseases because they were led to believe that the condom was like a Trojan shield?

Readin’ and Writin’, but no Religion

When U.S. children learn from ninety widely used elementary social studies texts, high school history texts and elementary readers, they will grow up never knowing the central place that religion and traditional family values has had in American life, concludes Psychology Prof. Paul. C. Vitz in two recent studies.

New American heroes

A new study from the Family Research Council charting the decomposition of the family since 1950 concludes that “mother and father who choose to have children – and then decide to spend a good deal of time raising them, rather than leaving it to others – are making a desirable decision.”

Gimme that old gay religion

The United Church of Christ, a U.S. mainline denomination voted in April of this year to admit the Spirit of the Lakes Ecumenical Community Church, an openly homosexual congregation.


Lions attack Kenyans

Reports that official in Kenya – country with one of the highest birth rates in the world – bribe and coerce people to attend sterilization camps have been confirmed. Principal sponsor of the near-compulsory neutering? The International Association of Lions Clubs.

Nature’s revenge

In early August, a team of medical researchers at the University Hospital in Lund, Sweden reported that “oral contraceptive use at a young age significantly increases the risk of breast cancer.”

Soviet pogrom

Millions died in the Stalinist purges and millions more in the “Great Patriotic War” against Nazi Germany, but will future historians document the annual butchery of 6.5 million babies in the abortion wards of Russian hospitals?

Gods of the testube

IVF biologist, Jacques Testart, once a true believer in testubes as precious cradles, is alarmed over the relatively few babies coming out of the burgeoning number of IVF clinics. He now believes that their secret goal is to develop human genes for eugenic purposes, raising “horrific visions.”

Dr. Frankenstein not welcomed in Germany

Declaring that “We must act effectively against the abusive manipulation of developing life and the nightmare spectre of people being bred,” West German Justice Minister Hans Engelhard tabled a bill in the Bundestag to outlaw some forms of genetic engineering and surrogate motherhood.

Angel of Death’s wings clipped

A court in Wuppertal jailed West German nurse, Michaela Roeder, 31, for 11 years on September 11. Roeder alleged she killed six terminally-ill patients out of kindness.