Christians awake!

If Canadian Christians do not want to wake one day in the near future to find themselves public enemy number one, then they must be prepared to meet the “new totalitarians” on their own ground of constitutional litigation, writes Harry Antonides in the summer issue of the Work Research Foundation Comment.

Man/Boy “love”

In a September 21 letter to Robert Eady of Kanata, Ontario the CRTC’s Fernand Belisle ruled that Ottawa radio station CKCU “should not be faulted” for a July 11 program.  Lesbian Cicely McWilliam, homosexual Pierre Beaulne, and pedophile Chris Farrell discussed the “extremely sensitive topic” (CRTC’s words) of the unjust restrictions against sex between men and boys.

Bitter pill

After questioning the proven link between the Pill and breast cancer, Dr. Norman Barwin, president of both the Planned Parenthood Federation of Canada (PPFC) and the Society for the Advancement of Contraception, writes in the Summer/Fall PPFC News, “All women who are prescribed the pill should have breast examinations.”  In medical circles this is called covering your malpractice suit.

Deaf ear department

Four weeks after he mailed out abortion questionnaires to 50,000 randomly chosen households across Canada, Senator Stanley Haidasz received more than 10,000 responses.  Of these, 66 per cent believe individual human life begins at conception and 53 per cent believe that any abortion is illegal unless the mother’s life is in danger.  Is the Mulroney government listening?

Condom democracy

Saying “the implications of infection for adolescents are now graver than ever,” medical officer of health, Dr. Perry Kendall asked for and got condom dispensers installed in the washrooms of Toronto’s public schools September 28.  Now, at the suggestions of Trustee David Moll, Kendall is thinking about condoms for the city’s other publicly funded school system – the Metro Separate (Catholic) School Board.  Kendall didn’t ask both boards in the first place because somewhere at the back of his mind he knows that Catholic schools should have a plan for AIDS prevention different from the public approval of promiscuity.

Bad for their health

When Catholic health workers met October 5 in Toronto for their annual convention, who did they invite as their keynote speaker?  None other than the Health Minister in Premier David Peterson’s Liberal government, Elinor Caplan. In her self-serving speech, Caplan observed that even Mother Teresa would stand behind her ministry’s independent Health Facilities Act – certain to result in a network of abortuaries across the province.


Do-It-Yourself abortions

Have anti-choice terrorists shut down your local reproductive health care clinic?  Is your humanitarian doctor hiding our fro ma malpractice suit?  No need to worry.  Now you can purge the products of conception in the privacy of your own home with the new Del-Em suction machine from the Federation of Feminist Health Centers.  Don’t delay.  Send $89.95 today.  Instructional video $25.00 extra.

Thumbing their noses

Behind the “medico-speak” of an article in the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology (1898, vol. 161), it appears that researchers at Yale and Geneva universities got U.S. government bucks to experiment on the cells of babies aborted at 8 to 12 weeks of age.  But since May 1988, federally financed researches have been prohibited from using human fetal tissue obtained through elective abortion.

Scheming ladies

Last spring, behind the doors of Cosmopolitan Magazine, editor Helen Gurley Brown met with the editors of Women’s Day, Redbook, Ms. and 15 other well-known women’s magazines to plot “what we can do to protect Roe v. Wade.”  As a result, some of these magazines have run or are planning to run a National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL) clip-and-mail letter.

Torrent of kiddie porn?

This fall the U.S. Supreme Court will rule on a decisive case regarding child pornography.  Osbourne v. Ohio challenges the law by which 19 states can convict perverts for possessing child pornography.  If the Court sides with Osbourne, he and many others like him will be able to feed their insatiable demand for an ever-increasing supply of kiddie porn without fear of legal deterrents.

Warning!  Homosexuality a health risk

“From the standpoints of individual health, public health and social order, participating in homosexual activity could be viewed as dangerous to society and incompatible with full health” concludes Family Research Institute’s chairman Paul Cameron in the July issue of Psychological Reports.


Plague of STDs

“We are on the brink of an uncontrollable epidemic of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs)” warned World Health Organization doctor Paddy Rowe at a Marrakesh, Morocco congress on fertility and sterility held in early October.  But no speaker had the courage to propose the best ‘quarantine’ against the epidemic – abstinence until marriage.

Plague of contraceptives

Sixty three million women worldwide are on the Pill according to the John Hopkins School of Public Health’s Population Information Program.

Round one to parents

According to an amendment to the British government’s Children Bill signed by more than 60 MPs, when doctors hand a contraceptive or recommend an abortion to a girl under 16, they must inform the parents.

Kiwi CHP

Like Canadian Tories, New Zealand’s National Party has disowned its political philosophy.  In the past two years National members have supported compulsory preschool education, ‘gay’ rights and the feminist UN Convention on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women.  To fill the vacuum, some Kiwis committed to safeguarding marriage and the family have formed the Christian Heritage Party of New Zealand. Current party president Bill van Rij is leading the CHP-New Zealand to its February 1990 founding convention.

Speaking softly

Doctors, social workers and counselors discouraging mothers from abortion is the reason for a 10 per cent drop in the number of abortions since 1986, say pro-life groups in Singapore.

Let the children come

The U.S. Ambassador to the UN Human Rights Commission, author and human rights activist Armando Valladares endorsed a monument in a Milwaukee, Wisconsin cemetery to 1200 aborted babies August 26.  Valladares, who spent 22 years in a Cuban jail for defying Fidel Castro’s ban on religious observance, said in part: “One cannot speak about human rights without condemning the violation of the first of those rights: the right to life.”