Unlawful unions

Writing in the December 1989 issue of the leftist Toronto-based Our Times, John Bailey, a member of the Canadian Union of Public Employees (C.U.P.E.), advised his readers: “Workers can get their unions to include the extension of benefits to same-sex couples in their contracts when they are negotiating with the employer.”

The plague years

Recent statistics conflict with the allegation that AIDS is rapidly spreading into the heterosexual community. As of November 27, 1989, homosexuals made up 81 per cent of all AIDS cases in the country, the Canada Diseases Weekly Report disclosed December 30, 1989, but heterosexuals a mere 7 per cent. The number of reported cases of AIDS in Canada is currently doubling every 20 months.

Women’s bash

FRAPPE, a French Canadian feminist organization, plans to celebrate the 50th anniversary of women’s suffrage in Quebec by holding the first World Summit on Women and Power at July 3-8, 1990. Subsidized by Bell Canada, Hydro-Quebec, and the Caisses populaires Desjardins credit union, the conference’s guest list will include Geraldine Ferraro and Barbara McDougall.

South of the boarder

War on two fronts

Some three dozen anti-war protestors applauded as Fathers Frank Cordaro and Jack McCaslin trespassed on Nebraska’s Orfutt Air Force base. But three hours later, when the priests were arrested for their part in a Rescue at an Omaha abortuary, two of the anti-war protestors tried to stop them from likening “nuclear annihilation with abortion.” “It’s no different to me,” said Father Cordaro as police led him away. “I think war is abortion and abortion is war.”

Pro-family mobsters

Fourteen hundred fewer stores in Florida are selling Penthouse and Playboy after a letter-writing campaign arranged by the American Family Association (AFA). As a result, both pornographic magazines and five periodical distributing groups have filled suits charging the AFA with “a pattern of racketeering activity.”

Chemical warfare in North America?

Etienne-Emile Baulieu, developer of the abortifacient RU 486, expects German pharmaceutical giant Hoechst to market the noxious drug in England and Canada. But RU 486 manufacturer Roussel Uclaf may make its own plans to distribute in the U.S., Baulieu told the Boston Herald Feb. 10.

RU 486 prototype

For years before Etienne-Emile Baulieu gave the world RU 486, doctors have prescribed the oral contraceptive Ovral as an anti-pregnancy pill. Taken within a day after intercourse, the drug prevents implantation of a fertilized ovum.

Do-it-yourself suicide

As part of his high-octane media campaign to force the Michigan state government to legalize “assisted suicide,” Dr. Jack Kevorkian appeared on nationwide TV earlier this year advertising his $30 euthanasia machine and offering to kill anyone “who’s in distress, or thinks he is.”

Rescue in the name of the law

As 200 rescuers and supporters intervened to save lives at the Women’s Reproductive Services abortuary in Corpus Christi, Texas January 27, they were joined by Sheriff James T. Hickey.

When the clinic administrator pleaded with him to clear a path to the door, Hickey enforced the law by saying no.

High Court does Dallas

The U.S. Supreme Court January 9 upheld some of the controls Dallas had imposed on its sex-porn merchants. In particular it let restrictions against motel rooms rented for under 10 hours. The motel owners cried ‘Freedom of association.’ Noted Justice Sandra Day O’Connor: “Any ‘personal bonds’ that are formed from the use of a motel room for less than 10 hours are not those that have ‘played a critical role in the culture and traditions of the Nation.’”