Newspeak triumphant


Who of the following comes under the definition of disabled?

  1. The person born with a hearing loss of 60 per cent;
  2. The homosexual person who, after hundreds of bathhouse liaisons, contracts AIDS;
  3. The street person suffering with untreated schizophrenia;
  4. The AIDS infected homosexual who deliberately withholds information from his sex partners.

If you answered 1 and 3 only, you would be wrong, at least according to Ontario’s Office for Disabled Persons which includes the AIDS Committee of Toronto in its Directory for Media of Spokespersons on Disability issues.

School daze

Research and development may be taking flight to more congenial climes and academic performance is slipping but in one area, Canadian universities are blazing a trail. Bowing to coercion from the homosexual lobby, faculties at York University (Toronto) and the University of British Columbia have recently amended contracts to cover “same-sex” partners as if they were married. Some trail.

The winnable war

More than a year ago, four Winnipeg women resolved to resist the seemingly unstoppable tide of pornography selling video stores spreading through Canadian cities. Since then, they and other members of Group Against Pornography (GAP), have succeeded in lobbying local council to require licensing and a public hearing before such video stores can open for business.


Video virtue

For many, entering the neighborhood video store is an assault on modesty. Smut on the left, torture on the right, nudity ahead. Not so with Blockbuster Video, the largest video outlet in the U.S. “America’s Family Video Store” has cleared pornography from its shelves, and in 989, Blockbuster began offering free use of special family-oriented videos.

Mom + Dad = healthy kids

Not surprisingly, A National Center for Health Statistics survey of more than 17,000 children, from infants to teens, found that kids from traditional two-parent families are healthier than their peers from contracted families.

Medical pariahs

A New York Times story earlier this year reported that the number of doctors willing to commit abortions shrinks each year. Killing babies on a full-time basis is a money-making business, but only 4 per cent of all U.S. doctors are mixed up in it. The reason; despite three decades of pro-abortion propaganda, most doctors regard their aborting peers as little better than hired killers.

Central planning nixed

A ground-breaking document recently released by the Washington-based Brookings Institute proposes an innovative solution to the malaise of U.S. public education: let parents and local schools choose, bypassing the swollen bureaucracies of the educational establishment.

“Give me the babies”

During the past summer, Idaho’s Gov. Andrus and Louisiana’s Gov. Roemer vetoed stringent pro-life bills passed by their perspective legislatures, but before they did so, Mother Teresa of Calcutta tried contacting each to plead for the unborn. Gov. Andrus refused to accept the telephone call, placed at 3:00 a.m., her time, while to Gov. Roemer, the aged foundress of the Missionaries of Charity promised to care for any baby spared by the tough new law.


Gone to graveyards every one

Awkward questions from abortion mothers about the fate of their children led Sweden’s Board of Social Welfare earlier this year to recommend that the dead babies be properly buried rather than burned with the hospital waste.

No manhandlers

The British researchers who recently pinpointed the genetic key to maleness want to close their Pandora’s Box of inhuman possibilities. “I consider any experiment to manipulate the [genetic material] of a human being akin to genocide and outside reasonable moral debate,” said Dr. Robert Goodfellow, spokesman for the group.