At home

Early in 1989, a dozen Edmonton pro-life groups bound themselves together in a new organization called Network Life. Network Life “will draw on the strengths of each group to promote positive action for the protection of all human life,” said spokeswoman Rosanna Saccomani.  ..Dick Cotton, a director of Campaign Life Coalition BC attended a spring meeting of the B.C. Coalition for Abortion Clinics where he heard Vancouver’s Everywoman’s Health ‘Clinic’ director, Joy Thompson, say that pro-abortionists must do everything they can to deny the humanity of the pre-born child…Campaign Life Coalition Alberta is on the air – getting out the facts on preborn children to listeners of CKER 1480… Calgary-based Christians Concerned for Life has a PAL (pro-life Action Line).  Calgarians can call 276-5209 weekly to keep up on all major pro-life events in the area… Halt the flow of tax dollars to pro-abortion Planned Parenthood says a March 1989 news release from Edmonton’s Canadian Constitutional Life Amendment SocietySince 1982, the number of abortions done in Saskatchewan has dropped 40% to under 1,000 in 1986.  Says Tory Premier Grant Devine, “It remains a firm objective of this government to reduce the number of unnecessary abortions in Saskatchewan.”….David Peterson gets a failing grade.  In mid-March at Havard, Ontario’s Liberal Premier favourably quoted the late U.S. politician Hubert Humphrey as saying: “The true moral test of government is how it treats those in the dawn of life – the children.”  Peterson did not mention the dead babies – more than 100,000 killed by abortion since he became Premier in 1985…”People who do not intervene when something is amiss give tacit permission for injustice to continue.” Writes June Callwood in the April issue of Homemakers magazine.  Recalling her public diatribe against those who try to defend innocents unjustly sentenced to death.  Callwood clearly excludes pro-lifers from her definition of “people.” … In mid-April, Toronto’s St. Michael Cathedral pulled a paid ad from its church bulletin for Aid to Women, a local pro-life pregnancy counseling centre.  It didn’t meet with his approval, and it might be an “abortion referral service” said cathedral priest, Fr. Paul Zimmer of a service which advertises, “We save mothers in distress and help them save their babies.”…”Call Tel-Med today,” bids the pre-recorded information tape service introduced in April by Toronto’s doctors Hospital, “and get a line on your health.  It’s accurate.”  So the woman who wants a baby – but not now – is told nothing about the dangers of intra-uterine devices, and the homosexual who wants to avoid AIDS is not told that condoms have a 25% failure rate.  What a line! … In 1983, Straight Talk Youth Counselling of Ontario interviewed 439 women suffering from Post Abortion Crisis (PAC) and 79 women recovering from Post Abortion Syndrome (PAS)… Bedford, Nova Scotia mother of 5, Helen Walsh, resumed her “Journey for Life” April 30 in Toronto where, in September of last year, she was forced to cut short her cross-country walk to return home on hearing that her husband, Michael, had suffered a massive heart attack.  Thunder Bay, Ontario is her immediate goal, but should Canada remain lawless, Walsh may push on to B.C.

South of the border

More U.S. women are seeking abortions on the basis of sexism.  And more doctors – a 19% increase since 1973 – favour preborn sex selection… Illinois’ one-year-old Elliot Institutecommitted to exposing the truth about the traumatic consequences of abortion – is undertaking a comprehensive and scientific survey of 100,000 women to establish the frequency of abortion “regrettors.” …In the January 22 Washington Post, Bob Woodward who cracked open the Watergate scandal – was at it again.  This time he made public internal memoranda of the U.S. Supreme Court justices which reveal that their 1973 Roe v. Wade abortion ruling was both legislative and arbitrary.  Roe v. Wade-gate? …The Washington-based Family Research Council’s April “friend of the court” brief urges the Supreme Court to overturn Roe v. Wade on the basis of abortion’s ill effects on women and families…Founded in March 1989, Sons of Mary is a New Jersey-based association of active pro-life Roman Catholic priests dedicated to stirring fellow priests to lead laypeople against the child-killing in each community.  Interested priests may write to Sons of Mary, PO Box 81, West Long Branch, NJ 07764… Using what can only be described as torture tactics, West Hartford, Conn. Police arrested sixty-one pro-life rescuers April 1 at the Summit Women’s Centre abortuary.  In an especially brutal move, police dragged away five rescuers without attempting to remove the kryptonite locks by which they were linked together…Joseph Dambach, a Woodbridge, New Jersey judge and alumnus of Seton Hall (Catholic) University imposed maximum fines and jail terms on Fr. Robert Pearson, a Monmouth, N.J. priest, four mums of the Handmaids of Mary Immaculate and 65 others for blockading the  local Medical Care Center abortuary…U.S.-based Pharmacists for Life reports that most birth control pills contain a third ‘failsafe’ ingredient that touches off an abortion should the first two ingredients fail… The Congressional Office of Technology reckons that some 700,000 U.S. women are infertile as a result of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD’s). STD’s are affective, lifelong contraceptive for one in five women some of whom used artificial birth control as a means to have sex without babies…Utah and North Dakota have added their names to the growing list of states to out-law surrogacy, a practice that “is nothing more than the amoral buying and selling of babies.”  (Washington Times, Feb. 27)


The “killer pill” RU 486, is now available in 350 French hospitals.  Pro-lifers worldwide are ready to boycott giant Roussel-Uclaf maker of the chemical weapon against preborn human beings…Singapore RC’s in mid-March urged the Ministry of Health to prohibit introduction of the abortifacient RU 486Renown geneticist Prof. Jerome Lejeune has a simple way to wipe out AIDS: just say sodomy and drugs are counter-natural, and AIDS will disappear.  He told Family of the Americas President Mercedes Wilson in a recent interview, “If you use nature the wrong way, nature will never forgive you!”…SCDF Head Cardinal Ratzinger censured the Catholic Universities of Lille, Nijmegen and Louvain late last year for carrying on with in-vitro fertilization…Reuters wrong!  The International news agency reported recently that 400,000 women in Brazil die from botched abortions each year.  “The figure is manifestly wrong” said Reuters chief news editor Ian MacDowall…Famed Italian gynaecologist Prof. Giovanni Battista Canadian regrets he lost his nerve 19 years ago when he performed abortions on 33 women contaminated in the dioxin poisoning of the town of Seveso.  None of the babies were deformed in any way…In 1989 only ten per cent of Soviet babies conceived will actually be born.  The rest – about 8 million – will be killed by abortion, according to stats from the USSR’s National Research Centre for Mother and Child Health…Dead China!  Long notorious to the pro-life movement for its coercive abortion policy, China will now authorize doctors and hospitals to kill the sick and elderly, according to a January decision of the ministry of Health… The government of China’s Gansu Province recently put out a eugenics A.P.B.  It now has the legal authority to sterilize all people with severe congenital retardation.  Pregnancies not caught in this way will be aborted immediately…Tibet gives the world a horrifying picture of what happens when child-killing becomes official state policy.  Chinese Communist birth control teams reduce the population through compulsory abortion, sterilization and infanticide…Mizuko Kanon, the Japanese water-goddess, is always ready to catch the smashed and shredded bodies of children before they drown prematurely in the waters of oblivion.  So advertises a temple selling memorial services for aborted water children– a $350 million spin-off of the $1 billion abortion industry.  Public opinion and materialism frequently doom the third of fourth Japanese child, but guilty mothers still feel the need to apologize.  Guilt is expensive.  One temple charges $2,100 for a memorial service… Three-time Kiwi prisoner Ross Bolton is behind bars again for carrying on his one-man Operation Rescue at the Epsom Day Hospital abortuary in Auckland, New Zealand. Said wife Jenny on the day of the sentencing, January 18: “He is prepared to do this for the rest of his natural life, and I’ll stick with him.”… And New Zealand plans to introduce a Charter of Rights and Freedoms modeled after Canada’s – the same Charter that since 1982 has been used as a weapon against the preborn. … If German Christians are successful, in the near future tourists will include an abortion museum along with visits to the sites of the Nazi holocaust.  The museum is to be financed by private funds and will contain a “Tomb to the Unknown Victim of Abortion,”…West German nurse, Michaela Roeder, 30, put away nine patients with lethal injections in the Saint Petrus Hospital in Wuppertal between 1984 and 1986.  The “angel of death” has been accused of killing eight more.  Psychosis? Bequest? Insurance money?  No, Roeder maintains it was compassion.  She wanted to spare them long-term misery…Hanoi is waging a new Vietnam war on large families.  The weapons?  Higher taxes, higher rents and higher government fees for families luckless enough to have three or more children after October 18, 1988 – the date on which new family planning rules came into effect…This year USAID will flood Costa Rica with 12 million Yankee dollars worth of contraceptives.  Once the Pandora’s Box of contraception is opened, a swarm of moral evils is released, says Britain’s Valerie Riches…The World Bank and the International Monetary Fund are blackmailing the government of the Phillipine President Corrie Aquino.  The deal?  More foreign aid dollars for fewer babies.  The constitution “protects the life of the newborn,” but USAID and the local ‘Centre for Population’ have in 1989 alone foisted nearly $20 million in birth control projects on the Phillipines… The Phillipine Bureau of Food and Drug (BFAD) is investigating Upjohn, Michigan’s pharmaceutical giant, for selling an injectable abortifacient drug to the public.  Banned in the U.S. because of adverse side effects, infamous Depo Provera has along been used as a weapon in Third World depopulation campaigns.