The Interim is the pro-life, pro-family paper of record in Canada. We cover news that many other media want to ignore and give a perspective that is not found elsewhere. We are convinced, as we are sure you are, that the paper fills an important niche in Canadian publishing and the pro-life movement.

Last year, due to circumstances beyond our control, we were well short of breaking even. We are taking care of that particular situation, but we need to recruit your help to ensure the long-term viability of this paper. You have three roles to play: help us grow our circulation; help us grow our advertising; and help us provide more comprehensive news coverage. Here’s a list of 15 relatively painless ways you can help The Interim.

  1. If you receive The Interim, but do not pay for it, please subscribe.
  2. Use the services our advertisers provide and let them know you appreciate their support of The Interim.
  3. Let us know about pro-life events in your neck of the woods. We cannot cover them if we do not know about them.
  4. Purchase a gift subscription for a friend or family member.
  1. 5. Once you have read The Interim, pass it on to someone you know who might be interested in the paper.
  1. 6. Send us pictures with a 50-100 word writeup of local pro-life events.
  1. 7. If you are a business owner, advertise in The Interim.
  1. 8. Purchase a subscription for a library or school.
  1. 9. Send us the names and addresses of potential subscribers and we will send them a complimentary issue.
  1. 10. Write a letter to The Interim to let us know what you think about the stories and issues covered in this paper. It is your paper, too.
  1. 11. Donate to The Interim. Unfortunately, because we are not a charity, we cannot give receipts. But with donations of $60 or more, you will be recognized in our new Friends of Life feature (see page 13).
  1. 12. If your church does not advertise, visit your pastor and suggest that a donation you give to church (for which you will get a receipt) be used to join the Friends of Life.
  1. 13. If you live outside Toronto, clip and mail (or fax) local news stories on life and family issues. Don’t assume we already know about it.
  1. 14. Renew your subscriptions promptly. This helps alleviate a lot of paperwork and expense for needless reminders.
    15. Please pray for the ongoing success of The Interim.