For the past 16 years The Interim has been fighting climate change; not the fake kind allegedly impacting our planet, but rather the genuine intellectual pollution that brings on confusion and undermines true education, so crucial to the formation of an informed and honest citizenry.

Our secular state, in the name of tolerance and modernization demands a secular approach toå education for its citizens in a pluralistic and democratic Canada. At the same time, the role of the classroom teachers is changing with a seemingly ever-expanding curriculum. Many educators lack the time or energy to develop materials that integrate faith values into their lesson planning.

Enter The Interim Plus, a free curriculum resource produced by the staff of The Interim six times per academic year. It offers a distinct moral perspective. The learning resources, applicable to various subject areas such as history, philosophy, mathematics, religion, languages, and the sciences, follow a certain structure: topics carefully chosen; source materials researched; lesson objectives stated; questions framed for class discussion; further research recommended; and appropriate classroom activities identified.

Over more than a decade-and-a-half of producing the curriculum, The Interim Plus has covered topics as diverse as foreign aid, technology and its effect on family life, “The Nature and Meaning of History,” Christmas themes in film and literature, Canadian and American elections, artificial intelligence, “Thermodynamics and the Big Bang,” eugenics, environmental stewardship, population control, the science of stem cells, rights and personhood, demographics, reproductive technologies, Remembrance Day, and religion and the public square.

The Interim Plus shows how it is possible to design curriculum to teach critical thinking while encouraging learners to be morally responsible citizens. The service is available via email subscription and directly on our website. We urge readers to become acquainted with the service and to bring it to the attention of their teacher friends and homeschooling parents.

The service was formerly financially supported by a donation from Niagara Region Right to Life, but due to a change in mandate it no longer qualifies for support. Donations to continue providing the curriculum to teachers and homeschoolers are welcome.