African Bishops condemn UN

The Synod of Bishops of Africa sent a strong message to the United Nations and First World countries condemning their desire to link economic aid to population control directives. The Bishops pointed specifically to the proposals to be presented at the UN sponsored International Conference on Population and Development in Cairo. “During the Synod,” the Bishops’ message says, “we became aware of certain orientations of the preparatory document to impose, with strong financial backing, on the nations of the world as a whole the liberalization of abortion, the promotion of a lifestyle without moral reference… We appeal to all men of good will to take action with a view to putting a stop to this anti-life plan and we appeal to all believers to join with us in uninterrupted prayer that this plan may not see the light of day.” The Synod also appealed to rich countries to offer Africa some sort of debt relief. This, and not overpopulation, is the root cause of the continuing cycle of poverty in Africa.

Hank takes on PEI

For several years, PEI’s policy on abortion has remained unchanged: it pays for abortions performed in approved hospitals, if a committee judges them medically necessary. Since no Island hospitals do abortions, women seeking them go out of province. Henry Morgentaler is now challenging that policy in court. The government knows that the vast majority of Islanders abhor the thought of a Morgentaler clinic in the province. To strengthen their case, Health Minister Alan Buchanan introduced an amendment to the Health and Services Payment Act, making the policy a formal regulation. It came into effect April 26. Immediately, Henry Morgentaler fired off a letter of protest. He informed Premier Catherine Callbeck that PEI is in violation of the Canada Health Act. As evidence, he cited a Globe and Mail article quoting Canadian Health Minister Dianne Marleau declaring that the Canada Health Act requires provinces to pay for medically necessary services “no matter where it is provided, in a hospital or clinic.” Though Island government officials seem confident that they can withstand this approach, they to look no further than Nova Scotia to see just how effective their arguments will be.

Off the wire

Poland, whose law restricting abortions came into effect last year, has seen its number of abortions drop from 11,640 before the law to 777 after the law.

Svend Robinson, New Deomcratic MP from Burnaby B.C., has been charged with criminal contempt of court for his role in an anti-logging blockade last summer at Clayoquot Sound but still has not been challenged for his role in the Sue Rodriguez suicide. There’s got to be a mix-up here.

Jack Kevorkian will again have to stand trial in connection with the deaths of Majorie Wantz and Sherry Miller. Kevorkian was most recently acquitted in the assisted-suicide of Thomas Hyde.

The U.S. Congress and Senate have both passed a tough bill which cracks down on pro-life protests outside of abortion facilities. First-time offenders face a fine of $100,000 and up to one year in jail. Second-time offenders may be his with a $350,000 fine and up to three years in jail. Odds are a Republican President would veto this bill, but rule out Clinton doing anything of the sort.

More lawsuits against Operation Rescue and Rescue America. A Houston jury has ordered the groups to pay $1,010,000 for rescues held during the 1992 Republican National Convention. Both groups say they will appeal.

The New York Court of Appeals ruled in May that a joint federal-state program that aids low-income women does not have to fund abortions.

Luis Cardinal Aponte Martinez, of Puerto Rico, is being sued for $10 million by two abortion facilities. Apparently his prayer pickets are costing the abortionists dearly.

Planned Parenthood Alberta has hinted of possible legal action against Calgary Youth for Life. At the CYFL conference in May, president Gerry Van Ommen Kloeke spoke on Planned Parenthood’s “death plan” and pointed out the racist history of the organization. Planned Parenthood says that such talks damage their fundraising capabilities.

Planned Parenthood Federation of America has a huge interest in getting abortion included in the Clinton Health Care Package and they plan on spending $10 million to promote it.