Reform MP challenges China

In a recent news release, Sharon Hayes, Reform MP for Port Moody-Coquitlam, challenged the Ministers of Foreign Affairs and Statues of Women to clearly state the “utter rejection by Canadians of Chinese Government policies that endorse the mandated one child policy, the murder of inmates for body parts of now the consumption of human fetuses as health food”

As Health and Family Critic for the Reform Party, Hayes referred to reports that “aborted human fetuses in China are being consumed by doctors and sold or offered to others as health food.”   One female doctor admitted to eating 100 fetuses in the past six months

Hayes questioned Canada’s participation in the Beijing Conference stating that “If our government insists on attending the fourth world Conference on Women in Beijing, it must not simply stand back and silently endorse such intolerable practices…For the unborn to be consumed like vitamins defies any sense of human decency or respect for life.”

Hayes questioned Canada’s trade relations with China as well as Canada’s promotion of feminist as gay-lesbian issues at the Beijing Conference.

It seems that Hayes’ plea fell on deaf ears.  Not only did Sheila Finestone, Minister of Women’s Issues, head of the Canadian Delegation and spokesperson for the Canadian Government promote feminist and gay-lesbian issues in Beijing:  Finestone denied the reality and the consequences of the one child policy.  In fact, upon returning to Canada from Beijing, in an interview with the Toronto Star, Ms. Finestone went so far as to say that the women she met support the policy.  She said not one woman was uncomfortable with the policy and that she “did not hear about a forced abortion policy.”  She also denied the statistical evidence that China now has more boys than girls by doing a head count at one child-care centre.

Regal Godmother for Down Syndrome Child

The Princess of Wales will be one of the Godmothers to Domenica Lawson, who was born on June 1 with Down Syndrome.  The father of the child, former Chancellor Lord Lawson, has come out in opposition to the NHS (England’s medicare) policy of offering free abortions if pre-natal tests reveal abnormalities.  He refers to the practice as “state sponsored annihilate\ion of viable, sentient fetuses.”  In a Father’s Day article in the  Sunday Telegraph Mr. Lawson compared physical similarities between his two daughters saying how wrong it was to think of Down’s children as “mere aberration of nature.”  Although  admitting to a sense of aberration of nature.”  Although admitting to a sense of grief in first learning of his daughter’s syndrome, he expressed “an intense, almost physically painful love” for his new daughter.  Princess Diana is an

Off the wire

Enthusiastic  supporter of children’s causes and a close friend of Mrs. Lawson.

Church leaders in India have warned that a new maternity bill will lead to genocide of the unborn.  The Maternity Benefits (amendment) Bill passed by the country’s parliament gives six weeks of paid leave to a woman with two life children who aborts her third pregnancy.  The bill also allows leave and monetary benefits if a woman undergoes tubectomy. ****Dr. Bernard Nathanson, former abortionist and former Jewish Atheist, plans to be baptized soon and to become a member of the Roman Catholic church.  Nathanson is also working on a new book.  The Hand of God which describes how he was led to God through the pro-life movement****Pamela Maraldo has resigned as President of Planned Parenthood.  Pro-Life sources in the U.S. claim that she was asked to leave and that PP is is in a state of internal disorder and bickering.****According to Planned Parenthood’s America’s 1994 Service Report, only one out of every twenty-two unborn babies survive the organizations “counseling.”  In 1993 PP helped  1,943 women get prenatal care, aborted 134,277 babies and referred 80,743 women for abortions.****A Georgia couple filed a law suit against Stephens Country School district after their two daughters, aged 14 and 15 were escorted to a health clinic by Ann Mills, wife of a School Superintendent and a school counselor.  The teens were tested for AIDS and cervical cancer, given condoms and birth control pills without parental consent.  The parents were denied access to the test results.**** In Spain, a proposed amendment to current available during the first twelve weeks of pregnancy in cases where the pregnancy causes the woman “severe anxiety fo economic and social reasons. The present law passed by the Socialists, in 1985 permits abortion in cases of rape, if the health of the mother is in danger or if the fetus is deformed.****Superior Court Judge Barbara Dertch Okara found John Salvi III competent to stand trial.  Salvi has been charged with two counts of murder and five counts of attempted murder after he allegedly killed two receptionists and injured five others in Massachusetts.****The Third World Conference of Pro-Life Movements will be held in Rome from October 204, 1995.  Five speakers will talk on a number of issues related to pro-life strategies throughout the world.