The federal Liberals have reinstated the controversial court-challenges program. Originally established to help minority groups fight for language rights, the program soon became a slush fund for radical feminists to dip into whenever fighting a case. **** A federal judge in Chicago has ordered the state of Illinois to resume paying for abortions for victims of rape and incest. In November, a state agency which oversees federal spending, had stopped payments for such procedures. ****In reaction to the shooting of abortionist Garson Romalis, the B.C. government is setting up a special unit to increase security at all Vancouver abortion centres. The government is also looking at legislative amendments to “protect the rights of patients and workers.” **** She’ a Child Canada, a national pro-life publication which listed the numbers and addresses of pro-life groups across the country, was distributed to over 2 million Canadians. Editor Jack Baribeau says that the success of this effort speaks volumes on what the movement can achieve when all the national groups work in unison. **** The employees in Bell Canada’s largest union have won the right to receive same-sex benefits from the company. An independent arbitrator ruled that the employees in the 19,000-member union (which already receives common-law benefits) will now have the right to claim same-sex benefits. The arbitrator wrote that the benefits will be allowed “not because Parliament has made it so, but because the courts have read this ground of discrimination into the Canadian Human Rights Act.” **** Harkening back to the grand old days of public executions, Dutch television recently aired a documentary showing a doctor killing his patient by euthanasia. **** A national U.S. poll has found that the majority of Americans who voted in the November mid-terms consider themselves to be pro-life. The Wirthlin Group found that 53% of voters consider themselves pro-life while 41% say they are “pro-choice.” Also, 18% of those who voted said the issue of abortion affected the way they cast their ballot. The fact that so many pro-life candidates won is a good sign that the Republican Party is willing to hang on to its pro-life platform.

Wrongful decision

A Winnipeg family has won Canada’s first “wrongful birth” lawsuit. Robert and Jane Sanders sued their family doctor, claiming that their child should never have been born. The doctors had the results of a prenatal serum alpha fetal protein test, but said that the Sanders’ baby would be healthy. However, Lee Marshall Sanders was born on March 12, 1990 with Down Syndrome. He is also deaf and cannot feed himself. The Sanders claim that had they known this would be the case, they would have aborted their baby. Instead, the baby was allowed to live and their doctor was accused of negligence for allowing the birth to take place. Though the case was settled out of court between the Sanders and the Canadian Medical Protection Association, it could pave the way for similar lawsuits. It also paints Canada as an inhospitable country for children born with physical or mental incapacities.

New wars in Northern Ireland

A move is afoot to bring abortion to Northern Ireland. The Belfast-based Standing Committee on Human Rights says that as it stands right now, the abortion law is vague and must be clarified. The Society for the Protection of the Unborn Child (SPUC) sees this as a move to liberalize abortion in the British Province. The British Abortion Act which came into effect in 1967 has never been accepted in Northern Ireland and an 1861 act that forbids abortion remains in effect. Betty Gibson, chairperson for SPUC, said that it has been proved in other countries that “trying to legislate for ‘limited’ abortion, leads inexorably and swiftly to abortion on demand.” The Presbyterian Church, the largest in Northern Ireland, has already fallen into this trap by suggesting that abortion might be justified in cases of rape or incest.

Expanding the mills

The Wanderer reports that Planned Parenthood America has announced a $750 million fundraising drive which aims to double the number of PP-owned abortion centres across the U.S. Bob Bason, who heads the drive, says the organization hopes to reach its goal by the year 2000. Incredible as it may sound, Bason said that there are certain individuals who are willing to give up to $50 million dollars each to the organization which kills more unborn and undermines more family values than any other in the world. Besides doubling their abortuaries to 2,000, PP hopes to expand into Russia, South America and Africa. Bason contends that with a sympathetic president, his group will have no problem achieving their target. Planned Parenthood is already the largest fundraising group of its kind, ahead of the American Heart Association and the American Cancer Society.