The Saskatchewan NDP went down to a crushing defeat in the recent provincial election after 18 years in office. Goodbye, NDPers – you won’t be missed. Take your lousy Marxist human rights kangaroo courts with you. We should be celebrating all over Canada. The Wicked Witch of the West has been soundly defeated! No longer should people have to apologize for saying they think that homosexuality is an aberration, that same-sex “marriage” is an impossibility and that there is something wrong with older men having sex with children.

If you would have told me 30 years ago that same-sex coupling would be championed by some of the Christian churches in the world, I would’ve driven you down to the psychiatric wing of the nearest hospital and made sure your cell door was locked. Now, you have Catholic actors masquerading as Catholic politicians who condone and promote this activity and are running the country. I guess they’re like Mafia godfathers who insist on a big Catholic funeral. Don’t think you’ll be seeing Mother Teresa.

You’d think with a block of card-carrying Christians who are pro-life and pro-family keeners, that politicians would be hungering to get our support. Guess again. What’s the chance of Tory leader John Tory at a LifeChain trying to cosy up to us? Nil. He’d rather be seen publicly doing a tango with somebody in the gay community. Beats me.

Yes, we need another St. Francis of Assisi. St. Francis was sent to preach in a village in Italy where the Mass attendance hovered around zero. He spoke in vain to the people in the marketplace. Finally St. Francis said: “If you’re not interested I will take my message to the fishes.” He turned around and went down to the water’s edge, followed by a large crowd of hooting and laughing villagers. He began to preach and the fish came to the surface and formed up in polite lines and stuck their heads out of the water to listen to him. You can imagine the reaction of the crowd.

I’m sorry that we don’t have another St. Francis of Assisi around, but we do have his message. Pro-life is a spiritual message and a much more difficult sell at election time than building a new factory in your area. (Not that we don’t need a few new factories.) When we talk about 500,000 Chinese babies being aborted every year, we find people are more concerned about the banks opening up on Sunday.

How can we make pro-life politicians pop out from behind every tree? It’s not going to be easy. But I can give you a good example of what can be done. At a recent LifeChain in Toronto, the pastor of Blessed Trinity Church, Msgr. Ambrose Sheehy, and his associate pastor Father Hansoo Park, got enthusiastically behind LifeChain with sermons at Sunday Masses, morning Masses, posters, church bulletins, plugs and their attendance on the big day. Starting with a corporal’s guard five years ago, they managed to get over 300 people out for LifeChain, most of them for the first time in their life.

We can’t give up on democracy. We’ve got to go out and recruit capable people who believe in our principles to run for public office and yes, put a pile of money at their service. Politicians and would-be politicians rarely run unless they think they have a strong possibility of winning. (That was me.) Very few have a sacrificial lamb leaning.

Never has the climate been better for politicians running for office. When it comes to signs, TV, radio advertising, top political backroom people, our candidates don’t need to take a back seat to anybody. The candidate knows that he or she is not running to take some inches off the waist, but expects to win. No just running for the pro-life cause. We’ve got to learn to play in the major leagues. Candidates will be lining up to run for us. Er, hopefully.

The Christian churches have got to stroke well-meaning wealthy people for heavy financial support in this present panic situation. I know one person myself who could personally bankroll the whole federal election campaign for a pro-life party and it wouldn’t make a dent in his bankroll.

Please, readers, remember it’s not me.