The Secular Humanistic Society (which has a slogan: “You are good – if you do good”) sent me a communication recently, denouncing me for holding convictions that weren’t theirs. I’m guilty. I’m a creationist. I tell you guys, it takes a lot of faith to believe in the big bang theory – that it started the whole world – when none of us were there.

They strongly hinted that the prime minister of Canada, or the leader of any Western power, should be a secular humanist. He is the only person who has the right to be running the country. Talk about bigotry. Talk about prejudice. Whatever happened to democracy, guys? In bygone days, we had some great Christian prime ministers – Protestant and Catholic – who ran Canada with the kind of moral values they’ll put you in jail for today.

As for building your case on “valid scientific evidence,” hundreds of prominent scientists worldwide no longer give any credence to Darwin’s theory. (Studies of ancient caves reveal that a cockroach is a cockroach is a cockroach after a few billion years.)

There’s a reason that Christian fundamentalists are enthusiastic about promoting sexual abstinence over the use of condoms. Sexual abstinence is 100 per cent effective. Hey, secular humanists, match those figures.

Christian countries – or what used to be called Christian countries – are still a magnet for immigrants, because new people are allowed to practise their own religions, as opposed to migrating to Saudi Arabia where only one religion is allowed. Christians (who are as plentiful there as five-leaf clovers) are not even allowed to be buried in Saudi Arabia.

Our legal system – which has deteriorated considerably since 1969 – was founded on Judeo-Christian principles going back to Moses receiving the Ten Commandments from God. This has proved to be a solid foundation to build on, as opposed to coming up with an alternative one after puffing on a few reefers.

If any religion needs protection in Canada from being kicked around, it certainly is Christianity. The media is awash in secular humanism. It’s the Christian way of life that is under siege. It’s driven out of the public schools and often driven out of the workplace. Bill C-2, recently passed in Ottawa, still allows “artistic merit” as a defence for child pornography. The age of consensual sex is still only 14. The police and the provinces wanted it raised from 14 to 18.

Why shouldn’t pro-life Toronto police constable David Packer have been exempted from defending Morgentaler’s abortion killing mill by the Catholic former Toronto chief of police? Why was Packer not allowed to keep his integrity and his job? Never happened. What if Packer had refused to herd Jewish kids on to a bus to Auschwitz? He’d be a hero today.

No officials should be forced to “marry” two homosexuals if it violates their consciences. Same-sex “marriage” is a bottomless swamp. This is all happening. What about two guys (in a non-sexual situation) claiming “marriage” status in order to gain a tax benefit? What about a woman wanting to “marry” her cat – so she could provide financial support for Betsy when she passed on? What about polygamy, a standard practice in Muslim countries? Say a man wants to bring his 10 wives with him. The Canadian Bill of Rights and Freedoms to the rescue!

And we haven’t even shaken the tree yet: a new left-wing governor-general from Quebec with a skinny resume right out of the CBC talent pool playing to the camera and to Quebec; a $350 million sponsorship tax robbery of the Canadian people; buying a crucial vote the Liberals needed to survive; a disgraceful flip-flop on same-sex “marriage” – all get quickly dismissed by the liberal media.

I’ll tell you who’s “scary” – and it’s not Stephen Harper or Stockwell Day. It’s the corrupt, power-hungry guy.

The problem is that you have Canada virtually run by three people: Paul Martin, Irwin Cotler and Tim Murphy. And guess what state religion they’ve adopted? Secular humanism. They run roughshod over everybody. And with patsys in the Supreme Court, the rest of Canada may as well be out playing golf.

The charge against Paul Martin Jr. is that he has put his party and his desire for public office before his Catholic faith. I look forward to that day when I read a headline in The Toronto Star: “Catholic Church excommunicates Canadian prime minister for gay ‘marriage’ law.”
But, don’t stand on one foot waiting.