Ottawa – Planned Parenthood Ottawa continues to illegally sell birth control pills for profit, reports the Ottawa Citizen. It has been selling the pills since 1970.  The (federal) Health Disciplines Act states that only pharmacists can sell the pills for profit.  The revenues from the illegal sale provide some 60 percent – or $40,000 – of P.P.’s budget.

Morality without religion

Toronto – Ontario Premier David Peterson says he’s a Christian family man with a “very  very strong moral training” – but he doesn’t believe God plays a direct role in his decision-making.  In an interview with the Catholic Register of Toronto (August 16) Peterson described himself as “a lapsed United Church” member who puts a greater emphasis on having a value system than having a traditional belief in God.  His pragmatism leads him to “personally oppose” abortion, but also questions whether he has the right to “impose my morality on someone else.”  Peterson was not asked why or in what way he personally opposes abortion.

Pro-abortion Anglicans

Toronto – The Toronto Anglican diocese rejected a call from the Toronto Parkdale-area  deanery to close down the Morgentaler abortuary.  Rev. Robert Greene pointed out that life is sacred, begins at conception and that abortion is the killing of unborn babies.  Moreover Morgentaler is breaking the law, he said.  He asked fellow Anglicans to “stand up and be counted.”  This they did but not by supporting the motion.  They voted overwhelmingly in favour of Morgentaler. (Toronto Star, Sept. 14)

U.S. boycott of U.N. continues

The U.S. government announced August that it intends to continue is financial boycott of the United Nations Fund for Population activities ( UNFPA). The Reagan administration will continue its refusal to fund UNFPA until the agency withdraws from its involvement in China’s forced-abortion population programme- or until China drops abortion as a method of birth control.

In 1985, UNFPA lost $10 million in American funding. For the fiscal year 1986, it loses $25 million. The U.S. government is at pains to stress that its withdrawal from the U.N. programme does not signify an over all condemnation of family planning programmes, noting that its 1986 contribution to family planning agencies amounted to $239 million. The U.S. contribution to family planning efforts worldwide amounts to over 40 per cent of support provided by the international donor community.

The $25 million withheld from UNPFA will be distributed to other agencies involved in family planning as follows: $2.77 million in Africa; $2,69 million in Asia and Near East; $5.74 million in Latin America and the Caribbean; and $13.78 million for family planning activities worldwide.

The National Right to Life Committee (NRLC) is hailing the U.N. boycott as a major pro-life victory. NRLC Legislative Director, Douglas Johnson writes that “all three branches of the federal government have concluded that UNFPA is deeply implicated in a program which includes forced abortion- often during the first months or pregnancy- on a massive scale.”

Mr. Johnson notes that the U.S. government “ did not reduce funding for family planning by one penny.” The NRLC “ takes no position of family planning programmes,” he adds, “ so long as ‘family planning’ means contraception or sterilization rather than abortion.”