Did you ever feel sorry that you had heard or read something which forced you to take action when you didn’t want to?  Well, that’s just how I feel at this moment – its  approaching 11 p.m., and I’m tired!  About 10 minutes ago I casually picked up the June 13th Catholic Register and saw the heading, “Death Penalty Opposed.”  Of course I sat down and read it.

It is the account of a public protest by church and state leaders, and other well-known persons, against the reintroduction of the death penalty in Canada.  What occurred to me as strange, was the fact that all the speakers were protesting the possible bringing back of the death penalty – although we have had capital punishment in practice for the past 18 years.

I believe that one of the arguments (by no means the only one) against the death penalty, is the possibility that an innocent person might be executed by a mistaken judgment.  Of course this would be a tragedy.  I have an idea that it happened once in the present century, in England, to a man named Evans.

But every day (in fact every hour) all across Canada, innocent human beings are being executed – deliberately and for money – and very little is either said or done about it by either of our Church or State “leaders.”  To be specific, an average of between 12 to 15 babies are executed each day.  Monday thru Thursday inclusive, at the Morgentaler abortuary.  Yet, we have never heard of these “leaders” holding a protest meeting in defense of the defenseless.

Picketers are only advocates

Whatever opinion one may hold regarding the rights and wrongs on the execution of criminals, I think it must be admitted that there is a tremendous difference in practice between capital punishment – in the legal sense of the word – and abortion.

When a person is charged with murder, he/she appears before a court of law.  There are witnesses for and against; there is at least one advocate (supplied by the state if necessary); there are twelve peers to weigh the evidence; there is a judge to pronounce sentence; and the public is usually allowed to be present to monitor the proceedings.  If the person charged is found guilty, he/she has ample opportunity to appeal the judgment and/or sentence.  In any so-called civilized society today, the accused is provided with every opportunity of receiving justice.  What happens in the case of an abortion?

Let’s take as an example, an abortuary like the one on Harbord Street in Toronto.  First of all, the unborn baby, the accused, is the most innocent of all human beings.  Even if he/she has been conceived through the sin of another, the baby remains innocent.  There are no advocates other than the heroic picketers outside the house of death.  The plaintiff is the mother, who accuses her baby of being “unwanted.”  The judge is the doctor – also the executioner – who makes a very handsome living out both “vocations.”  The public is not allowed inside the “courtroom.”  There is no possibility of an appeal against the sentence – death – because, it is usually carried out then and there.  Even the disposal of the body is handled differently: an executed criminal is usually buried with dignity; the body of the aborted baby is consigned to the garbage.

Feminists silent on injustice

There is also a difference, statistically speaking, the number of abortion performed per capita, compared with the number of executions, is many times higher.  Even in countries like the U.S., where capital punishment is still in vogue, it is usually for only a specific crime – murder!  But abortions are carried out for almost any reason.  What might be called serious reasons are; danger to the mother’s life (very seldom encountered in this day and age); and rape, where the incidence of pregnancy is extremely rare.

But, the vast majority of the babies murdered by abortion in the U.S. since 1973, have been done to death for such reasons as: educational (the mother wants to finish her schooling); wrong sex (a girl baby instead of a boy). In this latter case, a child is condemned to death just for being female.  Have the feminists nothing to say about this injustice? A well-known sports personality had an abortion a few years ago because having her baby would have prevented her from taking part in an important tennis tournament.

Equal time for the unborn

“Inconvenience” is probably the reason for most abortions.  As a result of this blatantly-pagan attitude toward the value of human life, America has murdered more than 20 million babies in the last 14 years.  According to President Reagan, this is more than 10 times the number of Americans killed in all the wars in her 200 years of history.

Since, 1969, Canada has murdered more than one million babies by abortion – proportionally close to the United States’ record.  Surely there are plenty of reasons for our leaders to raise their voices in protest against the slaughter of the innocent.  But their voices have been silent – and their silence is killing the unborn.

Whilst I do not agree with them, I can understand the view of some people – even religious leaders – who hold that the baby should be sacrificed if the life of the mother is in jeopardy.  But, according to official reports, none of the babies aborted during the past several years posed any threat to the mother’s life.  The majority came under the heading of “unwanted.”  Is there any God-fearing person who would sing his/her name to such an unjust sentence?

So, what is the point of this article, written in the silence and solitude of the night?  It is this.  I have no objection to our leaders, civic or religious, protesting the re-instatement of the death penalty  But I think they should at least give equal time and attention to the innocent unborn as they do the guilty born.  The foundation of our age-old reverence for human life is the Scriptural teaching that “man is made in the Image of God.”  But does God have to wait until a baby emerges from the mother’s womb before He can recognize His own Sacred Image?

“Were you there when they laid Him in the tomb?”


“Were you there when they ripped Him from the womb?”