The success of the Campaign Life commercials with Dr. Bernard Nathanson still has to be measured. Since their outstanding first run on CHCH-TV, Hamilton, and CKY Winnipeg in March, where they raised the hackles of every pro-abortionist in Canada, the dust seems to have settled.

We have distributed the commercials to Canadian markets such as Thunder Bay, Ontario, Vancouver, BC, Wingham, Ontario, and Winnipeg is running them again. I have yet to hear back from these areas as to their success.

The American market is another story – while Dr. Nathanson viewed these spots he was thrilled with the outcome. He then decided to take them with him on all his speaking engagements with the result that every place he has been the commercials have been ordered.

The places are: Scranton, PA, St. Petersburg, FLA, Collegeville, MN, Columbus, OHIO, New Orleans, LA, Louisville, KY, La Crosse, WI, Cedar Rapids, IOWA, Reston, WA, Dayton, OHIO, Fowler, IND, Winston Salem, NC, and Bethlehem, PA – too bad we couldn’t hire Dr. Nathanson full time.

We have taken ads, in three different issues if the national Right to Life News. This should definitely bring in new business especially after the National Right to Life convention in Orlando, where groups can view the commercials while they are there.

I personally feel that advertising on television is the way for all pro-life groups to go. It is a proven fact that more people watch TV than ever read the newspaper.

Just imagine the impact if every TV station in North America was, on any given week, running a commercial that tells our story. Let’s work and pray for this goal.