Among the many insults hurled during Operation Rescue, a constant refrain was that pro-lifers do not care about the women who go to have abortions.  One chant, “Campaign Life, your name’s a lie, and you don’t care if women die.”  The complete falsity of such an accusation was demonstrated horribly and graphically throughout the three days, and particularly, at the Scott abortuary during Thursday, January 12.

That day, rescuers were still outside the building when women who supposedly had just had their abortions were brought outside.  They came out one by one, faces covered, escorted by a couple of men and women, led by a police officer and were rushed to the cars that had just pulled up.

As they left the building, they were immediately surrounded by a pack of photographers and men thrusting video cameras at them.  Scuffles broke out between the reporters and pro-abortionists who ostensibly tried to shield the women from them.  Police had to intervene several times.

The rescuers reaction was to stand and watch in absolute disbelief at the callousness of the media.

After seeing this happen, rescue leader Anne Packer went to a couple of the photographers to protest their cruel behaviour towards the women.  She was told, “we’re just doing our jobs.”

Mrs. Packer then went to the police and told them that the rescuers would have no objections to the women leaving through the back and that she would ask her people to let them through safely.  There were no photographers out the back and the women could have had complete privacy.

This offer was rejected out of hand by the pro-abortionists, who continued to lead the women out the front and through the media scrum.  Who cares about the women?