I’ve had a difficult time of late, trying to piece together the story being presented by the Calgary Regional Health Authority, a.k.a. Calgary Foothills Hospital, regarding its genetic cleansing abortions.

Difficult because of the conflicting dribs and drabs of information presented by a morally bankrupt medical profession.

As you know it all started when Alberta Report found a nurse or two willing to talk about what was taking place in the bowels of the hospital. It’s been stated that sunlight is the best disinfectant, but it was never part of the equation that the germs would go ballistic!

The moral here is that the other side is terrible at defense. But that’s content for another column.

Anyway, the boys and girls in white coats were angered enough to speak with the boys and girls in the long robes and a court injunction prevented Alberta Report from divulging the names of the fine and upstanding members of the community who have taken eugenics to its next level – genetic cleansing.

Alberta Report wasn’t planning on releasing the names anyway, but the spin doctors at Transylvania General were still miffed, and so the injunction process continued. Now the hospital has chosen to release the very documents that were the subject of the gag order (with the names blacked out), to avoid the appearance of their trying to hide something.

One thing that’s emerged clearly in spite of the hospital is that their genetic cleansing abortions aren’t just committed against those babies who have “lethal” health problems, but also against those who just don’t fit in for some reason. But Transylvania General isn’t alone here. Tests are regularly done in hospitals throughout this grand nation of ours, to seek out and destroy those who the yuppie fascists feel are useless to society.

Transylvania General

But the happy-faced fascists are often wrong. A small press conference took place outside of Transylvania General and presented a sampling of children who “got away.” The parents had been counseled by the fascists in white coats that their children had little chance of a “normal” life, and thus a “procedure” should be done ASAP to “fix” the problem.

This is where it gets tricky. A spokesperson with Transylvania General stated that no “therapeutic abortions” are performed there – only “genetic terminations.” Realizing his mistake, he corrected himself and admitted that “induction of labour for infants with a lethal abnormality” was performed at his institution.

All the while a mother with a 15-month old son showed him off to the media – this was one of those children for whom “an induction of labour for infants with a lethal abnormality” was recommended.

The child, after corrective surgery, survived his “diagnosis” and is a testimony that after years and years of medical school, university and upgrading, Dr. Frankenstein in a white coat is still Dr. Frankenstein.

The executive vice-president of the Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists of Canada stated in a letter in January of this year that “abortions are performed after 20 weeks only if the physician judges that the mother or fetus are in danger of death. This might occur once in a five year period.”

The problem with this line is that here in the People’s Republic of British Columbia alone, yours truly discovered that 13 babies over 20 weeks were aborted (and survived) from 1995 to 1998.

Either the head of the lofty medical group doesn’t know what is going on, or he does and has made the personal, yet painful choice to ignore the facts. Either way, something is seriously wrong – when the boys and girls in white coats can’t even get their story straight, you just know there is more to this than meets the eye.

But the lid is off. Despite vain attempts, Canada’s new genetic cleansers are having to defend their actions. And they are not doing a very good job at it.