By a 1996 agreement, St. Martha’s Catholic Hospital in Antigonish, N.S., was taken over by the Eastern Regional Health Board, but continued to be staffed by the Sisters of St. Martha. The sisters, the board, and the N.S. Health Department signed an agreement to ensure the hospital’s Catholic identity and values would be preserved. The agreement expressly forbids “assisting” suicide and abortion at St. Martha’s. The agreement also forbids any assessment of a patient for assisted-suicide, now called  Medical Aid in Dying (MAiD), from being carried out on hospital property. Sister Brendalee Boisvert is adamant that her hospital will not offer assisted suicide to its patients and is confident that the Nova Scotia government will honour its commitment. Enter Jocelyn Downie, aggressive proponent of MAiD and professsor at Dalhousie Law School in Halifax, who maintains that now is the time for St. Martha’s exemption to end. She says that “the bottom line is that a faith-based institution should not be allowed to impose its faith, its values, on the citizens of a community who may not share them.” Antigonish is home to St. Francis Xavier University, and the town and surroundings are over 80 per cent Christian, mostly Catholic. One group that advocates for MAiD, Dying with Dignity, is lobbying the provincial health agencies to end Catholic hospital exemptions nationally. With a possible Charter challenge looming, the N.S. Health Authority looks to be caving in to the demands of euthanasia activists.

United States

Kris Vallotton, senior pastor of Bethel Church in Redding, Calf., slams abortion as “the greatest atrocity of our time.” The influential pastor who has 156,000 Instagram followers does not mince words when it comes to abortion. He calls out those who claim that the ‘fetus’ is merely a clump of tissue as “crap” and those who support abortion are willing to do anything to “justify their selfish lifestyles.” He reminds Americans that Planned Parenthood is funded by tax dollars, with nearly one million unborn babies being killed each year. He also warns that “100 years from now abortion will go down as one of the greatest crimes ever perpetrated against a people …along with the slaughter of native Americans, the enslaving of the black race, and the genocide of the Jewish people” to which we can add the millions of people murdered under the banner of Marxism/communism. Such honesty from our religious leaders about the brutality and immorality of abortion is most welcome.

U.S. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) describes herself as a “devout Catholic.” In the House on Jan. 4, she quoted the prayer by St. Francis of Assisi, “Lord make me a channel of thy peace.” Hours later, Republican Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy slammed her for voting “to allow foreign aid money to be used to perform and promote the violence of abortion overseas.” President Donald Trump had previously cut off U.S. funding to the United Nations Population Fund because it participated financially in coercive abortion and involuntary sterilization measures in China. Pelosi the “devout” Catholic should reacquaint herself with the catechism.

 New York Governor Andrew Cuomo (D) signed the Reproductive Health Act which further liberalized the Empire State’s already permissive abortion laws. New York was the first state to legalize abortion in 1970. Under the new law, there are no limits on abortion, erasing the previous ban on late-term abortions and removing recognition of the preborn as a second victim of crimes committed against pregnant mothers after 24 weeks gestation. Non-doctors are also allowed to commit abortions. To “celebrate” the law coming into effect on Jan. 22, Cuomo ordered pink lighting be displayed on the One World Trade Center’s spire in New York City overnight and gave the same direction to the Alfred E. Smith Building in Albany, and several bridges in the state. Cuomo called the bill a “historic victory for New Yorkers and our progressive values.” Cuomo is a potential candidate for the nomination of the Democratic presidential nomination next year.


Breitbart Newsreports that abortion is the number one cause of death worldwide, noting there were nearly 42 million preborn children killed by abortion globally in 2018. Using data from Worldometers, Breitbart reports that there were 41.9 abortions last year, followed by 8.2 million fatalities from cancer, 1.7 million AIDS/HIV deaths, and 1.2 million traffic deaths. About one in four pregnancies ends in abortion. Breitbart reports, “There were more deaths from abortion in 2018 than all deaths from cancer, malaria, HIV/AIDS, smoking, alcohol, and traffic accidents combined.” At the very least you’d think abortion would be viewed as a public health issue, like tobacco use and auto safety.

 On Jan. 1, nine maternity hospitals in Ireland (out of a total of 19) were ready to offer abortions under the new law passed in December. On Jan. 7, Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Hospital in Drogheda, north of Dublin, committed the country’s first abortion, the government having decreed that publicly-funded hospitals, regardless of affiliation, must offer abortions. Last July, the Irish Catholic Bishops issued a Code of Ethics stating that Catholic hospitals do not “command obedience” from the state to abort babies; however, so far, some religiously-affiliated hospitals are ignoring the Church’s message. There are calls that Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital be stripped of its religious name. One young pro-life doctor has commented that the government is trying to bribe doctors to consult for, terminate the life of, and provide aftercare to women receiving abortions by offering payments in excess of medical services for legitimate maternity care.

 In a recent French-language interview, Robert Cardinal Sarah of Guinea, West Africa, was asked: “What is your biggest worry?” He replied: “Europe doesn’t want any more or has lost the sense of, its origins. It has lost its roots, yet a tree without roots dies. There are plenty of signs: no more natality (for example). You (Europeans) are invaded by other cultures, other peoples which will progressively dominate you by their numbers and completely change your culture, your convictions, your morality.”

 There is a trend among young French people to have themselves permanently sterilised in order the “save the world.” Yes, you read that correctly. BreitbartNewsis reporting that French men and women in their 20s and 30s have decided to be “child-free” in response to the “ecological emergency” (i.e. climate change). Here are some of the loony thoughts of these misguided young “adults:” to have children has become an egotistic choice; the simple act of living “pollutes” the earth; people in the West must adopt certain requirements (like live below the poverty line and return to “pre-industrial standards of living”) in order to stop climate change; for men, having a vasectomy is a gesture of “feminist activism;” the quality of life presently offered to children (e.g. drink milk, eat nutritionally) is not worth living; and, adopting a child from a third-world country, instead of having one’s own, will kill the ecology (because the carbon footprint of a child transported from a poor country to an affluent one is bigger than letting the child remain in his poor country). Affluent countries, like France and most of the West, are dying because of a lack of children and are being replaced by cultures that do not appreciate nor accept western values. Whereas, Italy, Hungary, Poland, and now Brazil welcome the birth of babies and are introducing government measures to enable families to grow.