It’s becoming increasingly clear that neither the Conservatives nor the Liberals want to choose a leader who is sympathetic to Pro-Life concerns. Of the P.C. Party hopefuls, neither Mulroney, Blaikie, Crombie, Crosby nor Clark would bring any significant change in present party policy. Crosby did admit during the 1981 Convention that it was politically expedient to be Pro-Life in his riding! Jake Epp is personally Pro-Life, but being a strong Clark supporter, where does that put him? Don Mazankowski would be a good choice for P.C. Party leader; his Pro-Life credentials are good but he too is a strong Clark supporter. Peter Lougheed is not a good choice because Alberta’s record on abortion is terrible.

The Liberals seem to be preparing Lona Campagnolo for their party’s leadership. She is an active advocate for abortion on demand; she has marched in pro-abortion rallies and champions the cause of Henry Morgentaler in her role as a Board Member of the Canadian Abortion Rights Action, League. Pro-Life Liberals must let all Canadian voters know that this woman believes unborn babies should have no rights. Pro-Life women must picket every meeting that Lona Campagnolo attends!

The Pro-Life Party of Canada has been duly registered as a federal political party and needs only fifty candidates to get its name on the ballot. Candidates’ nomination papers must be signed by the party leader, Earl Amyotte of Windsor, so anyone who is considering running as a candidate should get in touch with him soon.

If the Liberals and the Conservatives elect leaders who are not Pro-Life, we have no alternative but to run candidates in every riding that is not now represented by a known Pro-Life M.P. We will siphon off Pro-Life voters from all three parties and maybe with the Lord’s help, we might elect a few M.P.’s. Do we have any other choice?