Things have reached a bad point in the United States. I’ve noticed people don’t blame God anymore for hurricanes, earthquakes, typhoons and blizzards. Is that a bad sign – that they don’t believe in God anymore? People used to use the favourite phrase of insurance companies: “acts of God.” It was used when insurance companies faced financial-disaster payouts due to calamities like Hurricane Katrina. Now it’s “acts of Bush,” like in President George W. Bush. George is to blame! Remember the old saying, “Let George do it”? Well now it’s, “George did it” – like in President George W. Bush.

Senator Hillary Clinton recently introduced legislation to set up an ill-disguised commission that will principally investigate Bush for not being aware of what was going to happen in New Orleans. Hey, Hillary, it was Bush who declared the region a disaster area two days before the storm hit, allowing relief efforts to begin. Who could have possibly imagined the magnitude of the disaster? It wasn’t Hurricane Katrina that caused the problem, according to Hillary – it was George Bush. Bush has got to be leery of the situation. Every time there’s a major hurricane anywhere in the U.S., George is going to get it in the neck. First God got blamed and now it’s George. Will the liberal media ever let up?

Do you think Hillary really cares about those poor souls in New Orleans? She is just starting her campaign for the presidency a little early. The liberal media are only too willing to help Hillary and the power-hungry Democrats dump on George.

Was Bush slow off the mark? Authorities say that problems arose because first responders became “incapable of functioning,” owing to the magnitude of the disaster. A better word is “overwhelmed.” Bush felt it wasn’t the time to play the “blame game.”

Where were the helicopters to drop food and water on the evacuees in the Superdome, General Myers was asked. He replied: “The first priority was to save lives and the next thing you think about is food and water and shelter and then you think about medical.” Asking questions is easy; coming up with the answers is difficult.

When you have to evacuate a city as big as Hamilton, you can’t do that before breakfast. New Orleans is a strange city. The Big Easy had 500 police officers quit after the hurricane arrived and looking around, I might have been tempted to take the next bus out of there, too.

Some people didn’t want to leave all their valuables behind. Some were sick and elderly. Some didn’t want to leave their pets behind. Some didn’t want to go to a football stadium jammed with thousands of strangers. And some were sorry they didn’t leave when hordes of celebrities descended on them, calling out, “We share your pain.”

I just know that Hollywood is soon going to produce a big-budget movie out of Hurricane Katrina and make a pile of money. Hillary Clinton will do a walk-on carrying a tear-stained bag of Kleenex. Sean Penn will play a washed-up actor who cynically agrees to help out the victims of Hurricane Katrina and finds his soul. Elizabeth Taylor will play the drunken mayor of New Orleans, who dives into the polluted, alligator-infested waters to save a boatload of HIV sufferers. The Rev. Jesse Jackson will play a phony minister who wants to be the next president of the United States. (He will ad-lib his role.)

Oprah Winfrey will play a rich woman who takes 300 orphans into her home. Arnold Schwarzenegger will do a cameo and announce that he will run for president of the United States, whether he is allowed to or not.

I have noted that the Democrat-loving media in the U.S. and Canada have taken great delight in mocking Bush, implying that he shouldn’t stray too closely to the monkey’s cage in a zoo he’s visiting. If I had to make a choice between Bush-Cheney, and their pro-life, pro-family agenda, and Clinton-Lewinsky and their anti-life, pro-partial-birth abortion stances, I would certainly pick Bush-Cheney.

I would gladly swap Paul Martin, a majority of our MPs and senators, our whole Supreme Court, all our phony human rights courts, our governor-general and a host of other self-serving federal bureaucrats for an autograph of President George W. Bush.