Prime Minister Brian Mulroney continues to appoint to key positions people who believe that government should endorse women’s choice to kill pre-born children.

At the end of February, Mr. Mulroney shuffled his Cabinet, naming Vancouver’s Kim Campbell as Minister of Justice. The 42-year-old MP (Vancouver Centre) and lawyer, was elected in 1988 after earlier bolting BC’s Social Credit Party. She replaces Douglas Lewis of Barrie, Ontario, the committed pro-abortionist who devised Bill C-43. Lewis moved on to the Ministry of Transport.

Why this change in the Justice Ministry was necessary has not been made clear. Perhaps Douglas Lewis, committed to abortion as he may have been, nevertheless tired of having to explain away the illogical, untenable and indefensible nature of the government’s action day after day. So, a new champion for the legislation needed to be found.

Is there any difference between the new Minister and the old? As campaign Life Coalition Vice-President Margaret Purcell told the Toronto Globe and Mail February 24: “In Doug Lewis we had an apologist for the feminists. Now we have one of the radical feminists themselves.”

Toronto Right to Life’s Laura McArthur thought the appointment “a good example of affirmative action – they shove in a woman so that other women in parliament, and maybe in the public, will not dare to oppose her. I have often said Mr. Mulroney is wrong, but I never said he is stupid.”

Newspapers for the most part emphasized that Mrs. Campbell was the first woman to be appointed to the post. Thus, in its late February 23 edition, the Toronto Star headlined the story, “New Minister of Justice is a woman.”

From all accounts Mrs. Campbell is quick and capable and even likeable. She has an academic background in Russian studies, is fluent in Fench, and had a brief legal career in Vancouver before she joined the Social Credit Party for a provincial seat in 1986.

As an MLA, however, she revealed another side of her character, proving herself to be a radical feminist. She vehemently attacked B.C. Premier Bill Vander Zalm for attempting to call a halt to government funding of abortion, calling him a bigot, and expressing her contempt for the pro-life view. Following the clash, the resigned and ran on a feminist ticket for Mulroney’s federal party in Pat Carney’s old seat.

Anglican Kim Campbell is divorced and remarried to Vancouver lawyer Howard Eddy, who has moved with her to Ottawa, working for the Immigration Department.

She not only has the task of piloting Bill C43 through its final legislative stages in the House, she also has a major input in all judicial appointments under federal jurisdiction.

Justice Minister Campbell’s first statement was to announce that if the federal abortion bill were to be defeated, no other law would be brought forward as far as Mr. Mulroney’s government was concerned.

This threat was combined with a dark hint for pro-abortionists that if they didn’t get on board, provincial governments might rush in to limit abortion by exercising their jurisdiction over health care.