Journalist June Callwood and Rev. Ken Campbell
No one can ever accuse Ken Campbell of being at a loss for words, and he certainly wasn’t when Canada’s abortion elite gathered to congratulate themselves on the 10th anniversary of the Supreme Court’s striking down of Criminal Code provisions against abortion in Canada.

As party-goers filed into Toronto’s Enoch Turner School House Jan. 28, they were met by an earnest Campbell, brandishing a sign that read: “Shame! Neo-Nazi abortionists celebrating a decade of Canada’s baby holocaust!”

The sign didn’t go over too well with June Callwood, who was among those attending. She confronted Campbell and asked him, “Where’s your gun?” in obvious reference to the unresolved shootings of three Canadian abortionists in recent years.

Akin to civil rights work

Campbell says he considered responding by asking Callwood, “Where’s your broom?” before deciding against it. “My response was to remind (her) that there is a great host of us civilized Canadians who disagree with (her) pro-abortionist views and who applaud the peaceful, non-violent humanitarianism that characterizes the pro-life movement as it did Martin Luther King’s civil rights crusade.”

Campbell noted he was able to have a more civil exchange with former Ontario Coalition for Abortion Clinics head Carolyn Egan.

Campbell followed up Feb. 4 with a letter to Callwood at Vision TV, where she hosts a program. In the letter, he observed that “the truth hurts” and so he understood her “hysterical and defensive reaction.”

“There are people of good will on both sides of this debate who have sought through the years to find some civilized common ground on which they might be able to co-operate in response to the predicament of mothers with crisis pregnancies,” he wrote.

Campbell proposed finding “some common ground” on which the two sides could offer mothers with crisis pregnancies a genuine choice.

Callwood responded to Campbell Feb. 13 with a letter written on the letterhead of Casey House, a Toronto AIDS hospice. “I don’t think we have anything useful to say to one another on the subject of abortion, so neither of us should even try,” she wrote.

“I am grateful, however, that it was you on the picket line and not someone with a shotgun.”