Toronto. Catholics Active for Life have rebuked Prime Minister Brian Mulroney Minister Don Mazankowski, and External Affairs Minister Joe Clark as Catholics unworthy of the name.

Their support of the new abortion-for-any-reason bill introduced in the House of Commons on November 3, is utterly shameful and a disgrace to all Canadian Catholics, said Father Alphonse de Valk, president of Catholics Active for Life.

Legalized abortion is corrupting both the political system and the judiciary in Canada, he said. As politicians cave in to the demands of radical feminists to accept women’s right to kill their unborn babies, the justice system is turned topsy-turvy. Right becomes wrong, falsehood becomes truth.

For years Catholics such as Trudeau, Mulroney, Clark and Turner have been speaking from both sides of their mouths and have ridiculed their Christian faith by making abortion acceptable in society.

Catholic politicians who, with full knowledge and free will, accept and vote in favour of legalizing the killing of unborn babies, said Father de Valk, cut themselves off from the Church’s sacramental system. They defend public immorality in matters of life and death. This is the position of Pope John Paul II, he said, this is the Church’s stand.

Such politicians, give tremendous scandal, Father de Valk declared, and their eternal salvation, as Bishops Austin Vaughan of New York has pointed out once again in an October 6 speech in St. Louis, “is at very grave risk.” Vaughan is only the latest of a series of American and Canadian bishops from the late Boston Cardinal Medeiros in 1980 to Los Angeles Archbishop Robert Mahoney in 1989 who have stated that Catholic public officials “have a positive moral obligation” to oppose liberal abortion laws.

Catholics Active for Life called upon all Catholics and Christians, indeed on all decent men and women in the House of Commons, to defeat this bill and instead support one of the truly pro life private bills when they come up for discussion.