Editor’s Note: The Christian Heritage Party did not respond to a request for an interview so we are reprinting the CHP 2011 election platform, as it was released through its April 5 communiqué.

The Christian Heritage Party is pleased to present our 2011 election platform, which we know is essential to bring stability to the structure of Canada. Our top issue is to build strong families, which is essential to the well-being of our country.

Better Solutions for the Family

The family is the foundation of a stable society. CHP Canada’s Family-Care Allowance of $1,000 per month will assist those parents who choose to care for their own children in their own homes. This allowance will also apply in the case where an immediate family member must leave the workplace in order to be the primary caregiver for an aging parent or a disabled family member. CHP Canada will enshrine legal protections for the unborn and restore traditional marriage.

Better Solutions for Healthcare

The healthcare system can’t continue as it is with Canadians dying from declining service quality, growing wait times, and runaway costs. CHP Canada will encourage a competitive environment for health service providers to offer world-class care while attracting more top doctors.

Better Solutions for Business and the Economy

It’s time to break the cycle of government debt and high taxes. CHP Canada will implement zero deficit legislation, reduce red tape for businesses, and end corporate welfare. CHP Canada will phase out the personal income tax, replacing it with a Fair Tax system that will benefit families!

Better Solutions for Immigration

Canada’s immigration and refugee system is broken, costing Canadians billions every year in false claims and leaving our country vulnerable to threats. CHP Canada will ensure our borders are secure! Islamic terrorism and immigration are global threats; immigration and migration are being used as a form of jihad to impose Sharia Law on Canadians. CHP Canada will implement a moratorium on immigration from countries with Sharia-based law.

Better Solutions for Justice

CHP Canada will reform our justice system to be based on public safety and restitution for victims of property crimes. The CHP will reform the inefficient court system, restoring the supremacy of law and ending the failed “revolving door” policy for violent offenders.