The Christian Heritage Party ran 46 candidates in eight provinces and received 19,218 votes or 0.13 per cent nationally. A CHP spokesman said the presence of the party’s candidates ensured that voters who wanted to cast a vote for a pro-life candidate could.

Christian Heritage Candidates

No CHP candidate finished better than fifth and leading vote-getters for the party were Geoffrey Capp in Lethbridge (Alberta) who garnered 1716 votes or 3.57 per cent of the vote – the only CHP candidate to break the 3 per cent mark – Bryan Jongbloed in Niagara West-Glanbrook (Ontario) who received 1199 votes, and Rod Taylor in Skeena-Bulkley Valley (British Columbia) who won 1038 votes. Eight other candidates won between 500 and 999 votes. CHP leader Jim Hnatiuk won 375 votes or 0.93 per cent in the Nova Scotia riding of Cumberland-Colchester-Musquodoboit Valley.

In 2008, the CHP’s 59 candidates won 0.19 per cent of the vote, or 26,475 votes.

Harold Ludwig, British Columbia president of the CHP, wrote in a post-election communiqué, “In at least forty-six ridings across this country, voters had an option to vote for a candidate and a party that stands on unalterable principles and that put forward a platform of better solutions for the governing of Canada.”

He said the presence of CHP candidates, “gave an opportunity for those who wanted to vote for a pro-life candidate and party to cast their votes in good conscience, knowing that we would never abandon our position for strategic gain.”