Will we or won’t we? Vote in the June 2nd election that is. More important is what we do when we get there. Will we or won’t we. Vote for more of the same, that is. Will we vote for the best hope, or will we vote for no hope?

The problems – Canada has many problems – all of them moral. It sounds simple because it is simple. Our relentless pursuit of greed, materialism, instant comfort, ambition and selfishness, our moral inertia, plus our national shame – our status as one of the most barbaric peace time nations on earth, manifested in our slaughter of over one and half million innocent little pre-born children, has brought us to where we are today.

The solution – confrontation and re-birth – no mere turn around. We must confront ourselves as individuals and as a nation. We must see and acknowledge what is “rotten in the state of Canada,” shake the dust from our sandals and consent to return to the future – to be born again in a spirit of service stewardship and leadership

The choices – There’s only one – the Christian Heritage Party of Canada. No other party offers hope. No other party puts before us life instead of death. No other party offers responsibility, accountability, common sense and security. No other party offers a future.

Why the CHP?

The CHP has many policies, all of which would bring a whole new meaning to the term “commonsense Revolution.” Our policies are all designed to support and maintain the basic unit of society – the family. For example, let’s look at the CHP policy on the sanctity of human life.

The CHP affirms that human life is sacred from the moment of conception and has God given value regardless of race, age, gender or degree of physical or mental perfection. No one but God has the right to terminate innocent human life. The CHP’s position is neither negotiable nor subject to referenda. The slaughter of the pre-born is wrong and popular opinion will never make it right.

The CHP, therefore, regards abortion as the deliberate murder of innocent human beings – conceived though not yet born. It rejects the terms of the Criminal Code which denies personhood to the pre-born and calls for amendments of both the Criminal Code and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms in order to protect this innocent life. Once this protection is in force, and person who would commit, assist in or arrange the procurement of an abortion would be charged with a criminal offence as would any individual or corporation which would manufacture, sell or distribute drugs or devices which would cause an abortion.

In the case of medical or surgical intervention designed to prevent the death of the mother – treatment which is not intended to harm the pre-born child in any way but which results in the death of the child – such intervention is not regarded as an abortion by the CHP which considers bother lives as equal.

Euthanasia policy

The CHP calls for medical, palliative and hospice care designed to alleviate intolerable suffering and remains steadfastly opposed to euthanasia which it sees not as helping people die, but making people die.

How can the CHP say it respects human life while it accepts capital punishment?

The position taken by the CHP is in line with the position taken by many major churches, including the Catholic Church. Capital punishment should be regarded not as a form of revenge, but as the God given responsibility to protect the innocent. There are very stringent checks and balances in the CHP’s position on capital punishment.

There is one chilling fact, which those who oppose capital punishment should consider. Anyone who has cast a vote since 1969, has, in fact, voted in favor of capital punishment. The difference between those who vote CHP provides capital punishment for certain acts of murder while the other parties reserve it for innocent, pre-born babies. An awesome realization for those who continue to vote for other parties.

Isn’t a vote for the CHP a wasted vote?

Let’s take a good, long look at “the wasted vote.” One year after the Liberal government made abortion available to Canadians, 11,000 babies were murdered. Almost 30 years and successive governments later, the annual death toll has increased to over 106,000. Politicians, by the pagan salute of Yes to death and No to life have established Parliament as no longer worthy of being recognized as a credible institution.

Old parties’ failure

We have seen countless hours and millions of dollars spent on futile attempts to change the old parties. We’ve watched as pro-lifers have been burnt out and destroyed by lies and betrayal. We’ve seen politicians, who were once pro-life capitulate to the party machine and take the first tiny step and then the giant leap to the other side. Nothing has changed – at least not for the better. It has just gotten worse. Nothing will change until we come to terms with the fact that any party which is no founded in the Law of God cannot be trusted. By all means take look at “wasted votes” – votes for pro death parties in disguise.

A concerted and consistent vote for the CHP – a party which would cease to exist without its unshakeable pro life principles – would have eliminated abortion in one very swift, decisive swipe. Think again about waste.

Is the CHP really a single issue party?

Absolutely not. We do believe that some issues transcend others. We also understand only too well, that politicians and political parties which do not respect or protect the right to life cannot be depended upon to respect and protect any other right.

The CHP will work to unite and reconcile Canadians from east to west, from north to south. It will work to restore legislative authority to Parliament, not unelected judges and bureaucrats. Canadian sovereignty will be preserved by combating the trend towards globalism.

Under CHP government, and adequate standard of health, welfare and education would be maintained. A realistic plan to cut unemployment to five per cent or less in two years would be implemented while there would be recognition of owner-operated businesses as the prime generator of jobs. The CHP’s pro-family tax credit for parents who choose to care for their children at home would be introduced.

There would be prompt restoration of justice. Criminals would be forced to make restitution to victims; there would be meaningful sentence for those who promote violence, drugs and pornography. Private property would be protected.

The CHP would stop governments from stealing from our children. Bureaucratic waste would be eliminated – not service to the people. Grants to special interest groups would be a thing of the past. The national debt would be treated like a mortgage – the interest and some of the principle would be paid off each month. The CHP would legislate balanced budgets.

Is all of this CHP propaganda?

Reflecting majority opinion

Actually it’s not. An independent survey, conducted in B.C., by CV Marketing Research has shown that 71 per cent uphold protection of human life, 91 per cent agreed that it was safer to raise children 25 years ago than it is today. Almost 82 per cent stated that Canada’s moral values and principles are slipping year by year.

To the question “who do you believe is the most trustworthy federal politician in Canada today?” 55 per cent answered “nobody.” The survey said that the CHP best reflected the majority’s values.

What the CHP offers is the best hope for a good future. Without a party of principle, Canada, including her most helpless citizens – the pre-born and the terminally ill – together with the cornerstone of society – the family – will be left without a future. It’s as simple as that.