After the Ontario Conservatives’ tax credit proposal for private schools was announced many people might be tempted to say that the government has finally seen the light. However we should consider the following.

Health. Spending continues to increase, services levels and doctor shortages continue to increase. The Tories have not developed any strategic plan to deal with the costs of health care that will only get worse with an aging population. The Ontario Coalition (the Family Coalition Party of Ontario) currently supports simplifying the examination process for foreign trained doctors, in addition to providing further incentives to encourage medical school students to join the Underserviced Areas Training Program. Furthermore the Ontario Coalition is considering adding government funded medical savings accounts to the election platform to provide an incentive for Ontarians to use the medical system wisely ensuring that those who need medical care get it. These plans would increase supply and decrease unnecessary demand, ensuring that health care will always be available for those who need it. Writing blank cheques simply cannot cut it anymore!

Taxation. Under current tax legislation a married couple with one income earner that makes $100,000 pays approximately $9,600 in provincial income tax. However if this same couple were to become legally separated, with the $100,000 income spouse paying $30,000 in spousal support, the combined tax burden would only be about $7,200. That’s a difference of about $2,400 a year and that’s in provincial tax alone. (Combined with federal income tax the difference in the tax bill totals over $6,000.) In addition, if you pay someone else to raise your children while you work, the government gives you a tax credit, but if you dare to take care of your own children, you’d better have a rich spouse! Isn’t it about time families were at least treated equally to individuals?

Education. While the Tory tax credit proposal is a good first step, Ontario’s religious parents and students are still second-class citizens. While every other student in the province will receive $7,000 in funding those that attend private school will receive only half as much – $3500 – and only when fully implemented in 2006.

Free speech. Despite promising to do so, the Tories have still not removed the injunction against lawful protest near abortion clinics. For this reason Linda Gibbons, whose most heinous crime is prayer, may soon spend more time in prison than Karla Homolka. What an effective use of taxpayer’s dollars!

Abortion. There may be waiting lists for every medical procedure under the sun, but not for abortion, and just to make sure, it is the only “medical service” provided in private clinics which is not met by some sort of protest!

This is all just the tip of the iceberg. For more, see Can we really trust the Tories?

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