While an incumbent MP would naturally encourage pro-life voters to support his or her party in the upcoming federal election some pro-life Liberal Members cannot in conscience support their own party.

When it comes to life and family issues selected Liberal backbenchers oppose the anti-family stand taken by Prime Minister Jean Chrétien and the Liberal cabinet. This can prove problematic for pro-life voters who want their ballot to make a difference at election time. Pro-life MPs would likely echo the advice of Campaign Life Coalition in urging supporters to seek out the most promising pro-life candidate in their riding, regardless of party affiliation. In some cases this may mean supporting candidates from some of the smaller political parties, for whom protection for the unborn is paramount.

1997 Skate for Life: some of the nearly 125 students from across Ontario gather near the Rideau Canal in Ottawa February 22 for the annual youth pro-life event. Warm weather kept skaters off the canal this year, but it failed to dampen the enthusiasm of this group of dedicated pro-life young people.