My number one Christmas wish would be for a time when a newly elected Member of Parliament – with the unlikely name of I.Yamma Windsniffer – stands up in the House of Commons in Ottawa and says: “Although I’m personally pro-abortion, I will not allow my personal convictions to stand in the way of me voting pro-life!”

Then I. Y. Windsniffer will sit down to a pleasant roar of approval from hundreds of other ‘Windsniffers’ who have recently been elected.  When will this come about?

I will look into my crystal ball and tell you the exact answer.  It will come, my dear readers, precisely at the time when the fear of defeat strikes into the cold-cold heart of every pro-abortion candidate or sitting Member of Parliament.

Their conversion may not be all we desire but it is all that we require.

Maybe their heads and their hearts will follow but it will be largely irrelevant if that happens because we will have a strong pro-life law enacted in Parliament without even a nose count.  It will protect the pre-born from conception to natural death.  The premeditated legalized killing of the pre-born, the elderly and the handicapped will end overnight.

Some former pro-abortion MPs may even stand up in the house and denounce those despicable killers of the unborn with a gusto that would leave Reverend Ken Campbell flabbergasted.

All the Supreme Court judges that approved of the killing of the pre-born will be allowed to spend their declining years in the Falkland Islands.  (Good luck, guys).  Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, was the other alternative.

All pro-abortion publishers, reporters and columnists will be scrambling around looking for old copies of the Interim to read in order to educate themselves.  (I think $200 is a fair amount for a back copy of the Interim in mint condition.)

All church leaders who were slow to realize the seriousness of the killing of one and a half million pre-born babies in Canada in the past will go over their sermons carefully in order to find some mention of the evils of abortion.

The Interim will take over the defunct Toronto Star and the Globe & Mail, Southam, Thompson and all the other newspaper chains and become the biggest newspaper daily newspaper in the world.  And put this columnist on the front page of the paper.

And abortuaries will be torn down and become gardens commemorating the death of the Holy Innocents.  Father Ted will return to Kenya to a hero’s welcome.  Sabina McLuhan will return to her gardening and courses on canine mouth-to-mouth rescusitation.  Couples will be able to adopt babies again and not have to go to Timbuktu to get one.  Schools will have to be built like crazy and workers will be so scarce that they will be kidnapped off the city streets by employee-starved firms.

The Campaign Life building in Toronto will be declared a “historic site” and visitors will be charged an entrance fee.  Guides will talk in such stock phrases as “Never have so few done so much for so many (pre-born).”  And “I’ve never met a politician I could trust.”  And you can be assured that if we’re running it – it will lose money.

Merry Christmas, everybody!