The next provincial election in Ontario is now rumoured to be scheduled for early September.  Six weeks ago, most journalistic crystal-ball gazers believed the election would be held at the end of June.

June marked the end of what some call the “unholy Alliance” at Queen’s Park between Liberals and NDP.  Both Liberals and NDP have nominated some 110 candidates (for 130 ridings).  The Tories are behind with some 60 candidates nominated.  What about the Family Coalition Party (FCP)?

Interim leader Don Pennell is optimistic and realistic.  After all, the party was only approved on June 10, a mere four weeks ago from the date of this writing.  Approved it was, nevertheless, after more than 11,000 names (10,000 required) had been gathered in a little over four months and submitted to the Commission for Election Finances at the end of April.  How does it stand today?

The Party has acquired an office: 91 Dundas St. East in Toronto; a phone number and a staff of volunteers (many more needed); a mailing address and the right to issue Income Tax Receipts.

As for the election itself, the following ridings now have a confirmed FCP candidate.

Burlington South – Don Pennell

Carleton East (Ottawa) – Andre Lafrance, MD

Chatham Kent – Marcy Edwards

Essex Kent – Tim McGuire

Etobicoke West (Toronto) – Judy Johnson

Kitchener – John Meenan, MD

Oshawa – James Delaney

Ottawa West – Lynn McPherson

In addition, the following ridings have proposals for FCP candidates under way: Brampton South; Downsview (Toronto); Markham; Dufferin Peel Durham East; Durham West (Pickering); and Scarborough-Agincourt.

Preliminary steps for riding associations are under way in Lambton, Sarnia, Simcoe West and Wentworth North.

Little enough, you may say!  That’s true, of course.  Still, it is not bad for a party which has only been in existence for four weeks!

The FCP is asking pro-lifers across the province to step forward and as individuals get involved in organizing riding associations and putting forward viable candidates.

Said interim leader Don Pennell: “Instead of giving your time and effort to the three larger parties, as some of you have done in the past, let’s get off the anti-family, anti-life bandwagon of the Peterson-Rae-Grossman trio and fight back!”

As the FCP brochure states: What can the FCP do?  “A great deal”

“It can give you someone to vote for with a clear conscience now that the other three parties have left you disenfranchised.

“It can be a political voice for the unborn.  It can promote respect for the family.  It can build a caring society.  It can bring ethics back into government.”