Ontario Premier Peterson has called a by-election in London –North for March 31. Running for the family Coalition Party ( FCP) is Brenda Rowe. The FCP promises to end the attacks on the family such as administrative and legislative support for abortion, surrogate mothers, in vitro experimentation on embryos, legal equality for common-law marriages, protection of homosexual activity and taxation policies hostile to the family.

The FCP seeks funding for all schools and adequate housing for all single parents. FCP’s Brenda Rowe ran against Premier Peterson in London-Center in October 1987. She grew up in London North.

Immediately after their landslide victory of last October, Peterson’s Liberals embarked on a massive campaign to fund and promote abortion and contraceptive counseling. They now spend over $50 million annually on this anti-life, anti-family campaign, the PC’s support it half-heartedly and the NDP wholeheartedly. This leaves the FCP as the alternative.