The Family Coalition Party of Ontario held its fourth annual convention in London, Ontario, November 1-2, 1991.

Much of the convention was taken up with the further refining and formulation of principles and policies, a necessary task handled magnificently by Executive Vice-President Giuseppe Gori.

Eighty delegates heard Marcy Edward at lunch on Friday speak about Seniors and the need to honour our fathers and mothers; Dr. Don De Marco at supper on marriage and family life values into the workplace; and Prof. Arnold McKee on the ins and outs of the current Canadian economy Saturday morning.

One of the themes discussed, both in public and private, was the idea that FCP candidates to get elected should not bring up the party’s pro-life agenda at All-Candidates’ meetings or only bring it up when asked.

During the 1990 provincial election a few newcomers to the party (who also became campaign managers) presented the view that to be pro-life was a liability, and that candidates should avoid bringing it up.

In Kingston, for example, two strong pro-life candidates were thwarted and even harassed by their executives for being “too pro-life.”

Party leader Don Pennell addressed this question of a hidden agenda with respect to his candidacy in the Ontario by-election to be called for the Brant-Haldimand riding.

Robert Nixon resigned as MPP on July 31.  An election must be called within six months.

Party delegates encouraged him to stand unabashedly for the pro-life issues. Abortion funding,  threatening euthanasia legislation and current provincial issues.

Delegates reaffirmed that the FCP is a pro-life party above all else.  One of the reasons for its establishment in the first place was to bring the pro-life agenda before the public precisely because other parties refuse to do so.

“Ontario needs the FCP,” said Thunder Bay delegate John Carroll.  “We are a prophetic voice.”

One of the gratifying features of the meeting was the discovery that some 25 to 30 FCP members were running for municipal offices of one kind or another in the November 12 municipal elections.