On January 30,  1988, the Ramada Inn in Mississauga was the scene of almost 100 FCP  Party and Riding Executives, bringing executives from as far away as Thunder Bay and Ottawa. In his major speech, Party Leader Don Pennell stressed the importance of educating pro-family voters as to the value of their  vote. He expressed his disappointment at the great number of pro-life voters who vote, and voted, for pro-abortion candidates  even though there was an FCP candidate seeking office in the same riding. Don also expressed his optimism that with hard work and more support through education the party would do much better in the next election.

Louis di Rocco, Head of the  Policy Committee, informed the gathering that policy is being formed as quickly as possible and asked all present for additional input.

Mrs. Judy Johnson, Director of Ridings, spoke on encouraging support now coming from the existing 37 ridings in Ontario, and urged all Riding Executives to establish new neighbouring ridings as soon as possible, in order to meet the target of  72 by September 1988.

Party President, Vince Higgins, informed the meeting that membership in the party is increasing rapidly.

The keynote speaker for the day, Rev. Reed Myer, gave an impressive speech on the importance of Christian commitment, whether towards one’s faith or in the political arena.

Three major resolutions were passed: 1) Condemnation of Health Minister Elinor Caplan for her headlong quest to kill the unborn;  (2) Support for those who seek to keep Sunday as a day of rest;  (3) A decision that the FCP will contest the London North Riding in the forthcoming provincial by-election.