Things have been quieter than usual on the Quebec pro-life scene for some weeks.  The departure of the Parti Quebecois from power, and its replacement by Robert Bourassa’s Liberals, creates a completely new atmosphere.  We know there will be changes, but we have no clear idea of what kind of changes until we see the new team in action.

Mr. Bourassa, during the election campaign and earlier, declared his intention of seeing the present abortion law enforced but we don’t know whether his view will be the deciding factor in Cabinet or in the party caucus.

Pro-lifers are not happy with the appointment of Herbert Marx as Justice Minister.  His past record does not give us grounds for optimism, but we can only wait and see how he performs in office.

It will take some weeks for the new people, many of whom are in the Assembly for the first time, to become familiar with their new role and to show where they stand on issues.

Many of the new MLAs are from areas where there has been very little pro-life activity until very recently. We are sure that their knowledge of the issue is incomplete and we are faced with a major task of educating them.