When we close the book starting from the beginning, it is certain that the pro-life movement will have its place as one of the most noble responses in the history of mankind. It will be seen as a true grassroots movement of men and women who continued to make one simple statement – “Abortion kills babies.”

We all know what abortion does to innocent little pre-born babies. Most of us know what it does to their mothers and fathers, our nation and civilization.

What we need to confront, is the fact that it strikes at the very heart of the Divine Authority of God because it puts us, the Created, on the same level of the first rebellious angels who told the Creator “We will not serve.”

We have told the Creator that we don’t need Him and that we’re in control. We have told Him that we will not only destroy His creation but will stop Him from creating.

The problem of abortion rests in departure from God. It makes sense that the solution must rest in return to God. We must, as a nation and a civilization, beg His forgiveness and ask for His saving Wisdom.

Then we shake off the dust and go back to work. This means reviewing the situation with brutal honesty. We have to ask ourselves if we have been as smart as we might have been. This includes asking ourselves if we are, even now, being politically smart.

Taking over traditional parties was going to be the answer. It never happened. The crude fact remains that we have done their footwork, helped build up their war chests and increased their memberships while they have continued to thumb their proverbial noses at us.

It seems, though, that we are not a prideful people. We are open to looking at yet another approach – another political party. This time, something a little less traditional – something with a minty fresh ring to it. Maybe it’s time to look at the Reform Party. (Interim, November, 1994)

We know it’s not perfect. It has difficulty dealing with things like abortion and euthanasia and this is inexplicable to the pro-life movement.

That the Reform Party still refuses to deal with life and death issues is not inexplicable to all pro-lifers. In fact, The Interim addressed part of the reason when it mentioned that Reform considered abortion and euthanasia too hot to handle.

Most politicians have two objectives – first to be elected and second, to be re-elected. One giant step along the way is to make sure one doesn’t offend anyone. As the Common Man in A Man for All Seasons put it: “Don’t make trouble or if you must make trouble, make the kind that’s expected.”

If politicians go through life being what we Irish like to call “neither for it nor against it, in fact the very reverse,” there’s a good chance that they will offend no one except the thinking public.

What is inexplicable is the fact that so many pro-lifers actually believe all this “strike a balance” and “I’m personally pro-life” and “duty to constituents” rhetoric.

What will happen when it comes time for Preston Manning and his Reform candidates to vote against their consciences? What’s the solution? To merely stifle those pesty consciences? Said Sir Thomas More to Cardinal Wolsey, “When statesmen forsake their own private consciences for the sake of their public duty, they lead their country along a short route to chaos.” (A Man for All Seasons).

Remaining silent on the issue of human life is contrary to the position taken by Campaign Life Coalition which has, quite rightly, condemned the “cloakroom” approach.

Reform’s referendum approach is also in conflict with the position taken by Campaign Life Coalition, which has maintained that we cannot decide moral issues based on popular opinion.

Withdrawing funding is a step in the right direction. It would relieve taxpayers of the burden of being unwilling accomplices in willful acts of murder. However, it is no substitute for enacting and enforcing a law which will stop the killing.

The pro-life movement could, as has been suggested, “put out feelers” to the Reform. The bottom line remains the same. If asked the burning question “Will you accept a deliberate act of abortion under any circumstances whatever?” two political parties in Canada, and only two can answer in one word, “No.” Reform is not one of them. Those two parties are the Christian Heritage Party federally and the Family Coalition Party in Ontario and British Columbia.

The pro-life movement must never be seen as being apologetic for its position. It must not consider what is fashionably called “dialogue” with any party which is not pro-life.

It’s time to recognize our friends.

Margaret Purcell is the executive director of the Christian Heritage Party.