Freedom of Choice Advocated

Mrs. Margaret Mitchell/) Vancouver East):  Madam Speaker, tomorrow women and men across the country will mark a day of action for “Choice on Abortion.”  The issue is choice, not pro or anti-abortion.  The right of the individual male or female to exercise freedom of choice in private medical and sexual matters is a hallmark of Canadian society. The Bagley Report documented economic and geographic inequities

in the abortion law.   Fewer than 30% of hospitals in Canada perform abortions…  Increasing numbers of women must obtain abortions in the U.S.  Prevention of unwanted pregnancies, education and counseling were more readily available,  the number of abortions would decrease.  However, the federal Government has been steadily eroding Planned Parenthood’s funding .

In 1982, 72% of Canadians believed that the decisions to perform and abortion should rest with the consenting patient and her doctor.  Ninety-five per cent of doctors, approve of abortion in some circumstances.  The Canadian Labour Congress, the United Church and the Canadian Advisory Council on the Status of Women support the removal of abortion from the Criminal Code.