A cursory sweep of the Internet reveals no shortage of sites dealing with one-world government and the Club of Rome, two subjects of special concern to pro-life and pro-family supporters.

The concern is based not only on the effort to concentrate political and economic power in the hands of small, wealthy elites, but also on the danger of the emergence of some supra-national government superceding the laws, traditions and values of countries such as Canada..

One such website, entitled the Coming of One-World Government, refers to a report published by the Club of Rome which calls for the build-up of global government at the expense of national legitimacy.

“For the uninformed,” the site reads, “the Club of Rome is an offshoot of the Bildebergers through one Aurelio Peccei (now deceased), a prominent Italian industrialist with close ties to the Fiat and Olivetti corporations. Like the Bildebergers, the Club of Rome draws a high percentage of its members from the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). The Club of Rome has ben assigned the task of overseeing the regionalization and unification of the entire world, wherein all nations of the world will give up their sovereignty in favor of a global government.”

Critics of the Club of Rome believe it has divided countries into ten regions or “kingdoms.” It is believed these regions will one day elect a chief representative who will report to the world government of the day.

“The primary issue,” the critical report says, “is a one-world government has been officially planned and will be fully implemented in the near future.” Surprisingly, Canada, which has been placed in Region 1 with the United States, is said to have guaranteed its full participation, regardless of public support or awareness.

A second website established by the Club of Rome itself offers a wealth of positive-sounding details. It says the Club was established in 1968 to promote greater efforts at international co-operation.

“So far, the efforts to promote the growing globalization have always been perceived in a negative light, as an unfortunate consequence of a crisis of civilization,” the Club says. “We strongly feel the need for a thorough overhaul of democracy and a new economic system.”