Jeepers, creepers where’d ya get them peepers

Jeepers, creepers where’d ya get those eyes
Gosh oh, git up how’d they get so lit up
Gosh oh, gee oh how’d they get that size
(Al Donohue and Johnny Mercer)

I’ve been wondering if Preston Manning, former head of the Reform and Canadian Alliance parties, was whistling this catchy tune in the halls of Parliament?

On the other hand, he might even have attended the exciting new summer pro-choice movie called, you guessed it, Jeepers Creepers.

A memorable movie, mostly because I walked out of it. Although I must admit I did think of our local abortionist, and the new “alliance” he/she/it will now enjoy thanks be to Preston.

You might ask what relevance my questions are in the great scheme of things?

But I can offer no other musings to explain Preston’s about face (his real one, not some cheap transplant) on the issue of using baby parts to save the world.

I am speaking, of course, of dear Preston’s acceptance of embryonic stem cell research.

I am quite puzzled why the great defender of conservatism would think it acceptable to cannibalize human beings the same way Johnny Cash built his car – “one piece at a time.”

The debate in Canada, unlike in the United States, has not been a debate. As is typical in Canada, we have been told what we want, and what is best for us.

Brother Manning seems to have missed the point that if we redefine what human life is, and when it begins, then we open a Thobani box, – er, sorry, I meant a Pandora’s box.

I seem to have missed the open forums the great protector of democracy held throughout the country.

But it’s so typical, isn’t it? The benevolent leaders that govern us always seem to know what it best, especially when it deals with life.

Manning must realize that if we take this next step, the step that will further cheapen human life, all in the name of trying to preserve it, then we will be no different than the Dr. Mengeles of the world.

In researching the topic, I remember well the statement of a German physician on trial for medical experiments performed against Jews during World War II.

He was trying to defend his use of “heads” in conducting his research. He lamented the fact that they were going to be “wasted” so he justified his research on those grounds. They were destined for the garbage, so why not “use them” to help humanity?

His argument was not accepted in the 1940s. Nor, really, today we still reject the findings of such research

Why in the year 2001, would we use their demented reasoning and accept it is beyond me.

Preston. Go back to the drawing board. Go watch Schindler’s List, Murderers Among Us and any documentary you can get your hands on dealing with the Nuremberg war crimes trials especially those dealing with the physician trials.

Do a little research. Then come back and tell us what makes your modest little proposal and Jeepers Creepers any different.

I’m just dying to know.

And babies are dying while you try to figure it out.